Random Tuesday Thoughts

We “Cellabrated!”p3160032-small

The infamous cell!  Taylor worked really hard on it and I gathered a lot of supplies for him.   When my boss’s daughter made the cell she spent around $50 on supplies. I spent 99 cents on a box of nerds.  They are the small white dots on the endoplasmic reticulum (the purple tape-y stuff) and on the surface of the cells.

I can also now name all eighteen parts of a cell! 

Yesterday I decided to color my hair.  Briliantly, while doing so, I was wearing a white sports bra and pajama bottoms, thinking I wouldn’t ruin any of my clothes.   Do you know how hard it is to get a sports bra over your head which is coated in hair coloring goo?  Plus, the hair coloring was supposed to be on my head for ten minutes and first I got caught up in writing my Tuesday With Dorie post, then it took me another several minutes to get undressed and into the shower.

So don’t be surprised when you see me and my hair is rather Day-Glo in appearance.    And for some reason the top part is way redder than the ends.

Friday night I am taking my daughter and a friend to the “Twilight” movie release party.  They can’t even sell the movie til midnight!  If you are bored Friday night, you are welcome to  join me, huddled in the corner of Border’s trying to sleep.  Of course, if we do, we might wake up sparkling, all dressed in black and with “I LOVE EDWARD” written across our foreheads in sharpie.    Good times.  (And highly bloggable, I suspect.)  

Does anyone play Halo 3?  If so is it “normal” to defile your opponents’ dead bodies?   It seems to be a version of geek boy trash talking, but it’s still REALLY WEIRD.

I went back to the doctor for a follow-up visit for my breathing issues and no matter what I say, neither he nor the nurse believe that I just suck at breathing.  

Furthermore, I think my file now reads “BIG FAT LYING LIAR” as I may have been totally busted out for not using my inhalor.  (I like the rescue inhalor but the daily one, ick.)   He asked if I had been using the daily inhalor and being wimpy I lied and said “Oh, yah, of course.”  Then he said “it’s Flovent, isn’t it?”  To which I said “Hmm.. I think so,” and whipped it out of my purse, forgetting it has a little count-down thingy on the back, which I’m sure he noticed when he picked it up and shook it.  (It also probably felt suspiciously heavy, like, I don’t know, maybe someone had used it ONCE rather than twice a day for the past 3 weeks.) 

I’m thinking I should switch doctors.  Maybe to one less observant and more willing to accept my self-diagnosis of breathing suckage.

After that debacle, I had to do the peak flow meter.  The nurse demonstrated, handed me the meter and then had me blow in it.  She glanced at the output and looked at me, almost laughing.  I could tell I had failed.  I tried again, a couple of times.  FAIL. FAIL.  She looked at the chart, and I wasn’t even close.  For my age and height, I should blow a 470;  I can blow a 280.              

So now I have to do a peak flow output once per day, use my daily inhalor, well, daily, and possibly go to a pulmonologist.  If I’m one of those miserable fuckers that gets lung cancer after NEVER smoking (okay, there was that once, but it really doesn’t count) I will be so pissed!    

Okay, to backtrack, no one ever mentioned cancer and I really, honestly believe that I am just awful at a basic human function.  Have I ever mentioned my heart beats really slowly, too?   And I do believe my spleen is not effectively destroying excess red blood cells.

Have a great Tuesday and make sure you take time to drop by and visit Keely at The Unmom.

Edited to add:

I just had this conversation with tech support:

Sean] Welcome to Lexmark Chat Support.
[Sean] Hi.
[Sean] I will help you with this issue.
[Jennifer] good morning
[Sean] Good morning.
[Sean] Please let me know the printer model number printed on the top of the printer front panel (Example : X1270).
[Jennifer] x9575
[Sean] Place a document in the scanner bed and then press the copy button on the printer.
[Jennifer] okay
[Jennifer] face down?
[Sean] Yes.
[Sean] Try making a copy and let me know how it looks.
[Jennifer] okay, that one looks okay
[Jennifer] what now?
[Sean] Okay, that means scanner hardware is working properly.
[Jennifer] good
[Sean] And also printing.
[Jennifer] when we use the feeder there are lines
[Jennifer] but we make a lot of copies so we need to be able to use the feeder
[Sean] Okay, please use the feeder and try making a copy and see how it looks.
[Jennifer] okay, sorry, but it’s crazy
[Jennifer] no lines
[Jennifer] all week, lines!
[Jennifer] and now no lines
[Jennifer] it’s like when you take your car to the mechanic and the noise has disappeared!
[Jennifer] or maybe you are just magic, Sean
[Jennifer] My boss is betting that you think I am just some poor lonely soul, so desperate for human contact that I make up tech support issues so that I can talk to tech support people.
[Jennifer] but, honestly, really there were lines!
[Ashley] Hi this is Ashley. We are facing some technical problem. We are not able to send messages. I request you to bare with us. Thank you.
[Jennifer] Really? Tech support with technical issues? That just seems wrong!
I really think I scared Sean away.  That rascally voodoo practioner of printer magic. 

5 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. Mary Says:

    I thought your hair looked nice and I hope you get better at breathing.

  2. idonotknowme Says:

    How do you self-diagnose your spleen’s RBC killing power?

  3. idonotknowme Says:

    I like how “Ashley” wants you to bare with her!

  4. Eyebrows McGee Says:

    “I request you to bare with us.” — now that’s just dirty.

    (And I think you get different colors at the top and bottom because the hair at the ends is dryer.)

    Love the cell!

  5. Keely Says:

    You could probably sell that cell on etsy…

    Yes, that’s “normal”. For Halo. And for teenage boys, which are the primary players of Halo.

    I laughed so hard I cried a little over your tech support issues. I’m almost POSITIVE Sean called in Ashley the Ringer to deal with his crazy customer 😉

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