TWD #11: French Yogurt Cake with Marmalade Glaze.

I curse the French Yogurt cake!   Not because it’s bad.  But because it’s good.  Toooo good.  I had yesterday off work and what did I do?  Rearrange cabinets?  No! Clean out closests?  No, no!  Go on a nice long walk with the dog?  No, no, no! 

I sat in my room and ate three pieces of cake while watching two episodes of “Big Love.”   I thought I was going to be sick.   Definitely a little mentally ill, because during that second episode I was starting to find the disturbing, creepy Alby a little hot.

Anyway, I was a baking fiend on Sunday, baking two versions of the French yogurt cake AND a peanut butter pie.  Oh, AND a…. nevermind  (more about that later.)

First I made the French yogurt cake in a loaf pan, but forgot the ground almonds in my food processor, noticing them as I slipped the cake into the oven.   I pulled it back out, dumped in 3-4 heaping spoonfuls of almonds and using a spatula, kind of mushed them into the batter.  

This oversight did not bode well for cake #1.  Thus, while it was baking, I started cake #2.  I don’t have another appropraitely sized loaf pan, so I used a nine inch circular pan.   This time I immediately mixed the ground almonds in with the flour!  I also subbed in almond extract for the vanilla.

Cake #1 I topped with raspberry preserves and filled with almond flavored whipped cream.   It’s the cake I overindulged in yesterday and was quite delicious.


The edges of the cake kinda taste like those red twinkies with the coconut, only without the coconut.

Cake #2 I also glazed with raspberry preserves and topped with slivered almonds.  I sent that cake with my husband to work.  His co-workers hate me.    Oh, they like baked goods, but suits are expensive and I’m sure a few of them might have packed on some lb’s in recent months due to my “catch and release” method of baking.

Once I had the cakes out of the way, I had to make a pie.  A pi pie.   For my son’s math class for Monday. 

My son is  not a fruit lover so I decided to make a peanut butter pie, following a Paula Deen recipe that didn’t require cool whip.  What can I say?  I’m a Cool Whip snob.  Or should that be “Anti-Cool Whip snob?”

I made an oreo crust and decided to make it in my eight inch springform pan.  

I can hear the “dumb ass’s!”  “uh, oh’s” right through my computer screen! 

Yes, this was poor planning, as a peanut butter pie lacks the viscosity of, say, cheesecake or a Chocolate Armangac Cake.    

Of course, this didn’t strike me until I tried to remove the sides of the pan.   It seemed a big messy “splat!  smoosh! squash!” was imminent.    Reagan suggested that we freeze the pie.  Very good idea.  But would Tay be able to bring a frozen pie to school?   

I went and asked.  “No, mom, the pie has to be at room tempurature.  It can’t be frozen or refrigerated.”  (You’ll have to imagine the eye-rolling that accompanied this proclamation.)

Shit.   He tells me this AFTER  I made the pie and spent an hour making white chocolate pi symbols!

p3150026-small“TW” are my son’s initials.  I just wanted to make sure he got his five extra credit points!

Thus, into the oven went a frozen Sara Lee Dutch Apple pie.  Once it was cool, I did plop on a couple of my precious white chocolate pi symbols.

Plus, I had fun decorating my #2 cake with them, too:


Thanks to the lemon-loving Liliana of “My Cookbook Addiction” for this great Dorie selection.  I love how versatile this cake is and can easily imagine making it again.


17 Responses to “TWD #11: French Yogurt Cake with Marmalade Glaze.”

  1. Mary Says:

    Both your cakes, and your pie look really good. So where is the peanut butter pie now? I want to try it. I am a cool whip snob too. Usually an oreo snob as well, but I would make an exception for this pie.

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    Taylor ATE the peanut butter pie! The whole thing! In two days! And his sister went to Pi Day and she said there WERE things like cream pies, so obviously he was wrong about the refrigeration!

  3. Steph Says:

    I’m sure they love you for all your amazing treats! I love how you decorated with the sliced almonds on top. If you try this again with the traditional method, let me know how it goes! And CSI..haha.. to funny.

  4. Sara Says:

    Oh, I love this post of multiple cakes. I was a bad girl and kept my yogurt cake all to myself, it is sooo good.

  5. juju73 Says:

    Your cakes look wonderful!

  6. Shari@Whisk: a food blog Says:

    Wow, all the treats! I loved this cake too!

  7. Spike. Says:

    big love is so good! so are the yogurt cakes. Two cakes and two pies? That’s a lot of baking! I love the pi pie

  8. pinkstripes Says:

    your cakes look wonderfully delicious. I’ve made mistakes before, forgetting to put in ingredients.

    The peanut butter pie sounds delicious.

  9. Teanna Says:

    Hahah! You are right! Curse this cake for all of its deliciousness that keeps calling me back for seconds (and thirds, and fourths). The cakes look great!

  10. Amy Says:

    Oh gosh, what are those strawberry coconut twinkie like things called? I can’t remember, but a sophisticated version of those sounds great to me! I will definitely have to try this with the raspberry and almond cream. It sounds and looks amazing.

  11. Ivette Says:

    Your cakes look great! I too think this cake was super good.. will definitely make this one again..soon….very soon!

  12. Sugar B Says:

    I like your ambition! Cakes can be dangerous around the house, so I always bring them to work so the guinea pigs can have their way with them! 😉

    I loved the yogurt cake and I can’t wait to make another one. I converted mine into a strawberry cake, it was quite tasty.

    Great job on yours! 🙂

  13. Lady Baker Says:

    wow, hello power baking!! Yogurt cake and Big Love–that sounds like a perfect day off for me!!

  14. Katrina Says:

    So many yummy cakes and pies! Goodness.
    The yogurt cake with the Cool Whip/raspberry looks de-lish! I am a Cool Whip snob myself! 😉

  15. Leslie Says:

    Catch and release baking! I love that! I think we both proved this cake is good proof. That pi pie looks gummy, too.

  16. Michelle Says:

    Great looking cakes. My family really enjoyed this cake. I used lemon curd and thought it tasted wonderful!

  17. Margot Says:

    All the desserts you baked look wonderful. I am so impressed with all the different frostings and glazes people came up with for the yogurt cake. And how sad is it that this Sunday is the season finale of “Big Love.”

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