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It’s steamboat classic time

March 16, 2007

For several years I ran (very, very slowly) the steamboat classic.  A few years ago I signed up the kids to run with me.  We trained for it on the nearby rock island trail and they were both doing fine.  However, the day of the race my daughter decided she “didn’t want to do it.”  I thought it was just morning grumpiness and that she would really enjoy it.  I was wrong.

The race started.  The colorfully dressed crowd surged ahead; we lagged behind. The more we got behind, the slower my daughter moved.  Pretty soon it was Taylor, Reagan and I, along with one other, generously sized lady, blocks behind the crowd. Reagan stopped walking and just stood in the middle of the street, the slowly cruising police car at a halt behind her.  I decided we would walk ahead (keeping her in sight), hoping to make her feel silly in her stubborness.  Didn’t work.  Instead she stood there yelling “My mom is mean!!!!” “I hate my mom!!!!”  ETC…  It was quite a sight.  Eventually she did walk again, but with slumped shoulders and frequent mutterings about the evil creature that is her mother. She came in 2nd to last due to the generosity of the other, kind-hearted slow poke.

It’s steamboat classic time.  The Illinois Valley Striders runs a great program called “building steam” that helps people train for the race.  I have done it 4-5 times and it’s wonderful.  They group everyone according to ability and everyone from great runners to walkers will find an appropriate group.