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Small town life

May 2, 2007

One of the joys of small town life, other than everyone knowing your business and knowing your postmaster, grocery store clerk and librarian by first name, is our local paper. This weeks joys include:

An ad for a “1st Annual Mud Bog and Drag Racing.” I hate to admit my ignorance, but I have no clue what a “mud bog” might be, but it does sound like fun.

An FFA plant sale, with a tomato plant listing of “yellow pair.” I’m a gardening novice, but I am assuming they meant “yellow pear.” Otherwise they might be better listed on Bill’s Content with a headline of “fake tan, but they’re spectacular….”

A bar featuring Butch’s pizza AND $1 tacos. (Motto: “We Be Jammin”)

A barbershop/coffee cafe/pool hall/video arcade. It also has a great motto: “it’s a guy thing” because you know, women don’t get haircuts, drink coffee or like to do anything fun.

And my personal favorite:

Am I the only one who got bad gas at one of the stations in Hanna City on April 14. Call xxx-xxxx

Too many obvious jokes for that one.