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February 17, 2009

I heard a rumor today, that our blogger bashes are sorely in need of some new blood; in that spirit, I’d like to extend my sincerest invitation to:

The Mimes and Mummers Alumni Association

Furries for Obama

Members of the National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association

Everyone I’ve friended on Facebook

All used car salesmen in the area (We’d love to hear about the LOW, LOW payment! And, certainly, we want the warranty.)

Of course, many of these people probably don’t ACTUALLY have (or comment on) blogs, but I guess that’s no longer really the point of a “blogger bash.”

I just wonder, why the focus on attendance to an event that charges no admission, raises no funds, and has no focus other than chatting about blogging?

Finally a post about wetting my pants!

September 30, 2008

My sister K. has a Myspace blog and yesterday, her birthday (Happy Belated Birthday!), she wrote a post about driving across a bridge and imaging her car going over the edge.

Would she try to save herself? Would she drown? Would she suddenly, under pressure, learn to swim?

And she also pondered the basic “WTF is wrong with me that I am pondering this?”

My response?

“Dude! I think about that EVERY TIME I cross a bridge.”

And tonight, tonight I am going to a party, a blogger bash, to be precise. Not to be too personal, but earlier when I went to the restroom I struggled with the button of my pants, which prompted more worries. *What if I drink too much at the party? My motor skills would go down. AND I’d have to pee a lot.

I imagined my friend Katie calling my husband and to say, “Um, can you come get Jennifer, she’s too drunk to drive home AND please bring a pair of clean underpants.”

Is this normal? Do other people have such irrational fears?

Blogger bash #2

October 31, 2007

One suggestion, maybe next time it should be set up like those speed dating events… Billy could blow the whistle, and everyone could move on to a new table. Morton Malaise sort of did this on his own, due to his chivalrous nature, constantly getting up so a tardy blogger could be seated.
I had fun with the lovely ladies, but I missed out on getting to really meet the blogfather, Peoria Anti-pundit, the rep of a local politician, the mysterious commentor, and getting to chat with my favorite, Chef Kevin. Oh, and Diane, what’s up with ditching the girls for the dudes?
I really wish I could have talked more to Jaded and EBB, too, I love both of their blogs.
And, really, what’s the deal with the MConoughey rep only talking to the men? Remember, we’re here and we’re queer!!! Oops, wrong slogan.

Blogger bash

April 30, 2007

The blogger bash was Saturday night. I brought my friend Laura because she owed me big time from an incidence that went something like this:

“The German”
Several years ago Laura was fixed up with this priggish german guy and made me come along on the date. The date, during which, I swear to God, she did not say a word the ENTIRE time. So I was obliged in my hostess-y way to try and make the night go well. (because, you know, it is my job at any gathering to make sure everyone is having fun, even if it’s not at my house, or not actually my date!)
The conversation went something like this:
Me: In the US we always hear that people in other
countries think we are dumb, uneducated.

“The German:” Yes, in my country we read Proust; we
can recite Shakespeare and not just the trite

Me: Ahhh… Have you read any VC Andrews? Those
“flowers in the attic” books are mighty fine.

“TG:” In Germany everyone speaks four languages

Me: I took German in high school… Eins, Schwie,
Dri, quatro, cinco, seis, (See, and I even speak a
little Mexican, too)

“TG:” Americans are just so common, no manners,
imbeciles basically.

Me: Du Bist Eine Grosse Schweine Schite!! (my one
German phrase, “You look like big pig shit”)

A delightful time was had by all.

Back to the blogger bash. My impressions:

Anon E. Mouse brought two of his kids and they were well behaved cuties. He is a very nice guy.

PeoriaIllinoisan has a lovely wife. The prettiest hair ever and great smile, too. PI is also very personable and obviously smart.

Diane Vespa has a way with people. She is one of those “can talk to anybody” kinds of people and can make anyone feel at home.

James and Theresa were very nice and have a smiley baby. Theresa mills her own wheat, which still alternately fills me with admiration and makes me wonder about her sanity.

Lastly, Chef Kevin- he is a cutie, with such a relaxed, at ease attitude. I was really nervous about going to a party and not knowing anyone (hence finally, after all these years, calling in the “german” chit) but I would have been fine without my companion. Of course, I would have been hanging on Chef Kevin’s coattails all night pestering him with cooking questions, so maybe it was good that she was there.

It was a lovely evening and the food was really good; Chef Kevin has a great view of the river and a really nice house.

If only Peoria Pundit, Lollygaggin and Eyebrows could have been there, the night would have been complete.

A delightful time was had by all.
(for real this time)