Homecoming 2009

Reagan and Ryan

I’ve decided that homecoming is a lot like Christmas.  Lots of money, tons of prep and then it’s over way too fast!   This was my first homecoming experience as a mother (rather than as a teenager) because my son didn’t attend last year (or this year.) 

Reagan, however, was determined to go.   She was asked by a boy from her school, a junior (she’s only a freshman), who, in an effort to impress her, told her an anecdote about throwing a flaming gopher at a passing car.    Fearing he would make a vest out of her skin, she said “No, thanks,” and asked a boy, Ryan, that is her “facebook friend” and attends a different school.

We shopped for a dress, shoes, jewelry.  She got her nails done and her hair curled.   Being concerned about skin cancer “mean,” I wouldn’t let her tan.    

Finally it was the day of homecoming.   That morning I met friends for breakfast.  Karma and Jim were in town for their twenty year high school reunion. 

Me, Karma and Jim 2009It was great to see them.  Plus, Karma solved a mystery for me.





But, back to homecoming.  While I visited with Karma and Jim, Rea got her hair done.  Then we headed home, she did her make-up, put on her dress and heels and we ran over to our neighbor’s house to take photos.

Reagan HC 1

(Meanwhile her brother was still in his pajamas, playing video games.)

Then we headed to the riverfront to meet her date, Ryan, and his mother.   He put on Reagan’s corsage: Corsage    And then she attempted to pin on his boutenniere:  What the hell

Rea looked at the pin, looked at the flower, looked at the pin, looked at the flower,  then turned to me and said,
“What the hell?”   So ladylike.  I was so proud.    



They seemed a little awkward posing for pictures.   Ryan’s mom said “put your arm around her!”  But this was as close as they got:   Reagan HC laughing

Then we headed back to Princeville and took MORE photos at Rea’s friend’s Ethan’s house.  

Pretty girls, HC Pretty Girls!

After many, many photos, they headed out to dinner at a local Japanese steakhouse.  (The kind where they cook at your table.)   Taylor and I also went out to eat enchiladas at his favorite restaurant.   Glum Taylor     Honestly, he’s not that glum!  He just doesn’t like being photographed.

It was too dark to get any good pictures at the dance.  But the kids had fun.  Most of the girls took off their heels and they did all kinds of crazy theme dances, like the cha cha slide and the macarena.     Once the dance was done, Rea and her date went to a bonfire til around 1:00, then we had to drive Ryan home.   A 45 minute drive in extremely foggy conditions.

What not to say to your daughter and her date on the ride home:  “Are you guys getting hot back there?”            

During the late-night drive Reagan fell asleep with her head on Ryan’s shoulder.    When he arrived home, he said goodbye but she didn’t walk him to the door.  No good night kiss!  (The whole “teenage boys want to have sex with teenage girls, and vice-versa, it’s a natural thing, but not something you are at all ready for at fourteen” discussion may have been unwarranted.)   I’m not sure if she was relieved or disappointed about the lack of kissing.  Nevertheless, she had a great time and it was a lovely first date.


10 Responses to “Homecoming 2009”

  1. Mary Says:

    How sweet. Glad you got your mystery solved. Rea looks beautiful.

  2. Nina Says:

    how fun. I would never let my mom go to my dances with me but that’s only because I feel like it would be awkward. I remember high school dances – fun and lots of money. Unless your best friend finds you a pretty dress for like 20 dollars. =]

  3. lpetelle Says:

    Love it!

  4. Ms. PH Says:

    Do people still do the macarena? I thought that was out.

    You can tell Rea that I called my parents mean many times because they wouldn’t let me tan, but now I’m pretty happy about it, given my fair complexion and pre-disposition for skin cancer.

  5. Maria Says:

    “what the hell?” Classic. And yes, you are horribly mean to not let her develop skin cancer at such a young age. Probably don’t let her smoke either. Cinderella had it easy… Reagan looks lovely, and someday she will appreciate your “meanness”

  6. idonotknowme Says:

    I am not sure that “ladies underwear” counts as a fetish, unless you mean that he likes wearing it.

  7. kyooty Says:

    Very nice! I love that dress!

  8. Pammy Says:

    Gorgeous kids, Jen!

  9. juju73 Says:

    You’ve got beautiful kids! Love the details of Homecoming!!!!

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