TWD #27: Katharine Hepburn Brownies *Updated with Photo

Lisa of Surviving Oz  picked our TWD recipe of the week, an easy breezy brownie, perfect for packing in picnic lunch.  

Or for munching on all daywhile you are frantically cleaning your house in preparation for an energy audit done by a man you’ll never see again but who you are still terrified will judge your toothpaste-laden sink and un-mopped floor.

The night before my cleaning frenzy I baked the brownies. I couldn’t find my eight inch square pan, so I did some math:

8 in x 8 in = 64 inches squared

a 9 in circle pan:

4.5 squared x pi = 63.59 inches squared

Winner winner chicken dinner! 

(Which reminds me, my nephew was over for the weekend and my husband and daughter taught him to play poker AND to *bet on horse racing.  I live in a den of iniquity.)

But with a few improvements, at least it’ll be energy efficient.

I buttered the pan, put a circle of parchment paper in the bottom, buttered that, then floured the whole shebang while a stick of butter melted in a sauce pan.  I added my not-finely- ground instant coffee;  luckiIy it dissolved just fine.    (I wasn’t as lucky with my race picks.   Or in Poker.  Maybe because I’m always “all in.”  Even when I have a pair of twos.) 

Once the butter was melted, I add the cocoa powder, let the mixture cool briefly and added the eggs and vanilla.  I carefully mixed in the chocolate and dry ingredients (including a scant 1/4 cup of flour) and spread the thick walnut-laden batter into the pan.

They baked for thirty minutes, then I let them cool overnight before attempting to cut them.  

One flaw to my pan substitution plan, these brownies are very rich.  A serving size is very small and it’s pretty darn hard to thin enough slices.   Thus I was forced to eat a slice (or three) that was way over the actual serving size.

Of course, I did burn off a lot of calories rooting for my horses and cleaning house!

*Honestly, we DON’T actually bet, my husband just has the kids pick an amount and then figure out what they would have won/lost.   Emphasis is definitely on how much EVERYONE loses.


I finally got out the camera to take a picture of my brownies, only to find the pan empty!   So, yes, I guess you could say my family enjoyed these!


11 Responses to “TWD #27: Katharine Hepburn Brownies *Updated with Photo”

  1. Megan Says:

    I am jealous of your math skills. Seriously.

  2. Wendy Says:

    I loved these brownies. They were so delicious.

  3. Mary Says:

    I don’t think the large serving size was a flaw! It is so much better to eat one big brownie than two little ones, IMO. These were pretty darn good. Sorry I couldn’t get mine out of the pan to bring to your house. (Not really, I am glad I didn’t have to share.)

    Did your energy audit guy say anything about the amount of time you have your oven on?

  4. Sara Says:

    If you cleaned your whole house for the energy man, then you definitely deserved a large serving size of this chocolate temptress.

  5. Katrina Says:

    I’ve been frantically running around today cleaning as well–for the bug spraying guy who is coming at 4:00. I would have been embarrassed if he saw certain rooms in certain conditions. I totally get ya on that one!

    Glad you all (you especially) got to enjoy these awesome brownies. I loved them and made them four times last week with different mix-ins. Mmmm! Great job.

  6. juju73 Says:

    It’s always wonderful when something is a hit…and your brownies fit the bill!

    Please stop by my blog when you have a moment…there is an award waiting for you.:)

  7. fit chick Says:

    DH said these were very good so I will be making them again soon! Love the empty plate, LOL.

  8. Michele Says:

    Your brownies must have been amazing!

  9. teaandscones Says:

    Nothing says delicious more than an empty cake/brownie pan.
    And they were quite tasty.

  10. Jen T. Says:

    Nice math skills! And the empty plate picture is awesome! As for the poker bit, my dad and grandpa taught me to play when I was six, so I wouldn’t be too worried about your nephew, he’ll be fine 🙂

  11. Spike Says:

    The crumbs look delicious! Glad everyone liked them

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