Random Tuesday Thoughts with Dorie #26: Perfect Party Cake


Is it possible that bananas now taste less banana-y?   The last three times I’ve made banana bread (with three different recipes) I’ve used overly ripe bananas, yet my banana bread has lacked a strong banana flavor.  

Is it weird that I don’t really like bananas but I like bananas in baked goods?   I think it’s a textural thing.  Raw bananas make me gag.

I have been watching “True Blood” on DVD.   I think my favorite part is the song at the beginning.   Same with the “Sopranos.”  I love the opening as much as the show.

Did you know “rhubarb” is not just a disgusting stalk that pollutes one’s strawberry pie?  It also means “a heated dispute; brawl.”   I’m dying to use it in a sentence.

Because I’m a big dork. 

Congrats to my friends C. and J.   They announced their engagement at a party Saturday night.   I’m so excited for both of them and wish them a joyful union.  (Hmm.. that sounds kind of dirty.)  RR is thrilled because after their first date she called “guest book!” for their wedding.  I wish I had called dibs on some cool nuptial duty.  (Hmmm… nuptial duty also sounds dirty.) 

And, finally, this week’s TWD recipe,  the Perfect Party Cake was chosen by Carol of mix, mix… stir, stir.   I made the cake last night.   It went well, other than a fundamental error in which the baker (me) did not fully read the recipe, got to the part where it said “add the extract,” glanced to see the amount, and realized, OOOOPPPS, lemon extract, NOT vanilla.   Unfortunately, I didn’t have any lemon extract on hand.    So my cake will be less lemon-y than desired.  I wish I would have been a little less flustered by this and thought to quickly zest another lemon.  

Oh, well, I’m sure it’ll still be delicious.  But I won’t know until next weekend.   I made the executive decision to freeze the cake layers after they cooled and I will defrost them on Friday to decorate for our Fourth of July dessert.  My plan is to coat the layers in some type of red preserves (strawberry or raspberry, most likely), then fill with sweetened whipped cream and frost the outside with the recipe’s buttercream frosting and cover the top with red and blue berries for a patriotic theme.  Sort of an upscale version of the Kraft recipe that’s featured in magazines this time of year:



 The additional benefit of waiting to assemble and frost this cake is that I can read all the other TWD posts and get great tips/ideas to make my Perfect Party Cake even more perfect!  (Yes, I know, “perfect” is an absolute, much like “unique” that really shouldn’t have a qualifier, but I couldn’t help it.)



13 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts with Dorie #26: Perfect Party Cake”

  1. Ms. PH Says:

    I’m frosting mine tonight – I made the cake on Saturday but then we were out of town. I froze the cake and it is defrosting as I write this! I’m excited to finish it because the cake itself was very nice to handle!

  2. Spike Says:

    love trueblood-I’m a huge dork for anything vampire and have read all the books too. Also, heard brits use rhubarb in casual conversation- hilar! Finally- always wanted to make the uber patriotic cake- I’m sure your ritzy version will be off the hook (yep, I just used that phrase in a blog posting).

  3. Mary Says:

    I did not know that about the word rhubarb. It fits though. I look forward to eating your upscale patriotic cake!

  4. Random Tuesday Thoughts with Dorie #26: Perfect Party Cake =AB Keep = … « Party Food Recipes Says:

    […] Random Tuesday Thoughts with Dorie #26: Perfect Party Cake ? Keep … By jenjw4 And, finally, this week's TWD recipe, the Perfect Party Cake was chosen by Carol of mix, mix? stir, stir. I made the cake last night. It went well, other than a fundamental error in which the baker (me) did not fully read the recipe, … Keep Passing the Open Windows – https://jenjw4.wordpress.com/ […]

  5. Amy Ruth Says:

    Hi just while I’m still able to remember Jaime at Good Eats N Sweet Treats used fresh fruit in between her layers and it photographed beautifully. Looked super delish. So far that is one of the few I have seen with real fruit between, but I haven’t gotten too far on the roll. Sounds super yummy and I always enjoy your humor. Downside is you would have to build the day of serving I think.

  6. Amy Ruth Says:

    Oh yea and I love that you are a word dork. I have 2two dictionaries in my kitchen. I always love learning new words. fun fun that way. oh well

  7. Katrina Says:

    Love your random thoughts. The cake is good. Sounds like what you’re going to do with it will be a big hit.

  8. Wendy Says:

    Can’t wait to see your cake! Love your random thoughts.

  9. nick Says:

    Do you like frozen bananas? They are especially good with chocolate on them – just another way to get around the textural problem if you actually enjoy banana flavor.

    “a joyful union”

    Funny, I thought to myself: “hmm… that sounds a little dirty,” then I read your next line. 🙂

  10. Teanna Says:

    I can’t wait to see the frosted version! I bet I’d get into a “rhubarb” with someone to fight for a piece!

  11. foodcreate Says:

    Love your radom thoughts. Wow I can wait to see your amazing Cake~

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Join , post your comments share your favorite recipe:)

    Have a wonderful Day~

  12. Clivia Says:

    Another True Blood fan here. It’s my first vampire daliance and I’m hooked.
    Don’t forget to post photos of your cake!

  13. Bungalow Barbara Says:

    Can’t wait to be able to see True Blood — alas, we don’t have cable.

    I like your patriotic cake idea! How did it turn out?

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