TWD #24: Honey-Peach Ice Cream

Yes, I’m a very bad blogger!  I actually made this recipe last week and started the blog post, only to be derailed by work travel, inadequate hotel WiFi and exhaustion.   

Back to business:  

This flavorful ice cream recipe was chosen by Tommi of Brown Interior.  I love ice cream and had a goal last summer to make all the recipes in “The Perfect Scoop” by Dave Lebovitz.  It has tons of great recipes and is a wonderful resource for ice cream making tips.   One if which is to add alcohol to the mix to keep it from freezing into a hard block.   I decided to add a tablespoon of vodka into the blender with the peach mixture.   

Why vodka?   Well, it was the only alcohol I had on hand.   I think peach schnapps or amaretto would be good too.

The only other change I made was in blending all of the peach mixture, rather than leaving part of it as chunks and then I added the custard to the blender, too.    After a quick whirl,  I stuck the whole blender pitcher in the refrigerator to cool.  At this point I should have made sure my ice cream mixing bowl was in the freezer, instead of assuming it was.

You know what they say about assuming? 

You end up eating your ice cream a day late!

Luckily the ice cream mix was fine, despite its longer storage period.  

I thought this was superb.   The honey went well with the peaches and it wasn’t too sweet.    Not to gild the lily, but I did make a topping out of diced peaches, diced strawberries and a bit of honey.  

And it was wayyyy better than the zucchini ice cream my great uncle made for a family reunion one summer day in the 70’s.


6 Responses to “TWD #24: Honey-Peach Ice Cream”

  1. Mary Says:

    Well, peeps are making avocado ice cream and olive oil ice cream. I’d try zucchini ice cream. I liked this with nectarines though !

  2. Michele Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed this recipe so much!

  3. Wendy Says:

    Glad you liked the ice cream. The vodka addition sounds great.

  4. Spike Says:

    better late than never and better never than zucchini ice cream!

  5. Cathy Says:

    So glad you enjoyed this! It sounds way better than zucchini ice cream (although Lebovitz has some crazy sounding ice creams in the Perfect Scoop – I’m so curious to try some of the really out-there ones). I had a little trouble with the custard, but liked the flavor. Yours topping sounds great, too!

  6. juju73 Says:

    Sounds like you’ve had quite the busy time lately! Glad you loved the dessert! And zucchini ice cream….I can’t even imagine!

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