TWD #23: Parisian Apple Tartlet

Rea graduation 3My daughter Reagan is 14 and lovely.   She has brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, freckles and an hour glass figure.

Unfortunately she HATES her hair color, eye color, lack of ability to tan, freckles and non-stick skinny shape.  

I’ve always stressed to her how lovely she is and how she’s the “perfect Reagan-sized Reagan.” 

Her response is usually a roll of the eyes, a shrug of the shoulders and a big sigh.

(Yes, the attitude could use some work!)

Recently we were at a sandwich shop and she ordered a pair of small sandwiches, annoyingly called “sammies;”  I rued how tiny there were but Reagan said “See, everything SMALLER is just cuter.”

“Yeah, well if you went to have surgery and the doctor walked in and he/she was only six inches tall would you think ‘cute’ or ‘oh, crap?'”

“Mom, no one is six inches tall!”

“How do you know; have you seen every person on Earth?”

(Yes, I’m uber-mature.)

“No, but I could if you gave me money to travel for three years.”

“What about runaways?   And aliens?”

“They don’t count.  We don’t know where runaways are or if aliens exist.”

“Well, let’s say you were getting married and you paid $5,000 for your wedding cake.  What if Duff brought it out and it was only one inch by one inch?  Would you think ‘little’ was cuter then?”

“No, I would say ‘Hey, dude, where’s the rest of my cake?’   My wedding is going to be perfect.  I’m going to be a bridezilla, because if it’s not perfect it wouldn’t be my day, it would be some other person’s day.”

(Geesh, let’s hope she settles on a life of celibacy.)

“That sounds stressful.  I’d rather get married in a pair of sweats by a really hot transvestite and have everyone enjoy drinking their Boone’s Farm ‘wine’ and dancing to my car stereo than try to make everything perfect.”


(Oy, vey.)

“Okay, back to the ‘little is cuter’ thing.  After your perfect wedding, you head out on your honeymoon.   If you think  ‘little’ is so much better, then why do you think there are those ‘Extenz’ commercials on TV all the time?”

(For once my child was speechless.)

What does this anecdote have to do with Dorie’s Parisian Apple Tartlet?  Well, tartlets are small and they definitely are cute.  Plus, who doesn’t love a delicious recipe with only four ingredients?  Simple, unless, like me, you decide to make your own puff pastry.

I adapted this recipe, which contains 1 1/2 cups flour, 1 cup butter, 1/2 cup sour cream.  I used the exact ingredients but changed up the method, mixing the flour with the butter in my food processor, then adding the sour cream and pulsing minimally.   I rolled it out into a rectangle on waxed paper, put it in the fridge to chill and daily for three days in a row, I removed it, folded it in thirds and then basically mashed the layers together by beating it with my rolling pin.   On the final day I rolled out the dough to about an 1/8 of an inch thick and used cookie cutters cut the tartlets.

I topped the puff pastry with apple and peach slices, dots of butter, a sprinkle of brown sugar and  a dash of cinnamon sugar and baked them for about 25 minutes.  

My pastry didn’t puff up as much as I had hoped <Insert witty “Extenz” joke here>, however, the texture was flaky and it tasted delicious.   And in my book, “Reagan-sized Reagan’s” and tinysized tartlets are just about perfect.

For the recipe and a great blog post that likely contains no phallic references, please visit Jessica at My Baking Heart.


20 Responses to “TWD #23: Parisian Apple Tartlet”

  1. idonotknowme Says:

    I love hearing about these interactions with your daughter. You guys seem to have a really great relationship.

    • Jennifer Says:

      IMHO, girls are more diffficult than boys, so much more drama. On the otherhand, my particular girl is way more chatty and funny than her brother.

  2. Spike Says:

    Other things that are not so cute when tiny: paychecks, one part of any pair (eyes, ears, Danny Devito in Twins etc) and chocolate bars (who wants just one mini piece of chocolate?). However, your tarts were perfectly adorable I’m sure. And so is your daughter

    • Jennifer Says:

      Great examples, I’ll have to point them out to my daughter.
      And, yes, the tartlets were cute and I do have photos of them somewhere, I just haven’t managed to upload them.

  3. Jamie Says:

    Your daughter is adorable! I am glad you liked the tarts!!!

  4. Katrina Says:

    Cute likening. Bummed about no pictures. We’ll just imagine yours must have looked just like Dorie’s! 😉 Delicious no matter and you go, Girl, for making your own puff pastry!

    • Jennifer Says:

      I wish my food could look like the pictures in the cookbook. Sadly, I am not very good at making things look pretty. I’m still working on everything tasting good!

  5. Hornedfroggy Says:

    Ha! Great story!! And thanks for baking along with me this week! 🙂

  6. Sara Says:

    Haha, I hope your kids appreciate your ridiculous sense of humor.

    Good for you for making puff pastry, I thought you were afraid of dough!

    • Jennifer Says:

      Oh, and you are right, I do have a fear of dough. I always fear overworking it and I guess I just don’t have enough experience to know when everything is “right” (for example, the right amount of water, elasticity, kneading, etc…)

    • Jennifer Says:

      I think they do. They probably wouldn’t admit it, though!

  7. Mary Says:

    Rea is beautiful and I bet your tartlets were too. I wished I could have seen them in the different shapes. Make them again! For me! I am uberbusy but am trying to write my post, but wanted to read yours and our friend’s ( first. Hopefully I will get my post written before I fall asleep.

    • Jennifer Says:

      You must be so tired, with camp and everything, I can’t believe you found the time to make the dough and to write a post. Good job!
      Thanks for the head’s up about PH’s post. I’m so excited to know another TWD blogger.

  8. Amy Ruth Says:

    I loved how you challenged the thoughts and beliefs of your youngun. She is very pretty. One day she surely will appreciate all her gifts. he he Wow, how did those tartlets turn out? I loved them.

    • Jennifer Says:

      Amy Ruth,
      I hope she gets over the weird body issues… I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, as I always wished I had thick dark hair and wasn’t stick skinny; now at 37, I’m just glad to be healthy.
      The tartlets were great. Especially with vanilla ice cream.

  9. Megan Says:

    ugh – My daughter is just about to turn 12, and I hear you with the eye roll and the attitude. I guess I’d better get used to it!

  10. EmergePeoria Says:

    Your daughter is a doll…

    but the tartlets, cute and delicious but how many calories in such a little cute thingy that will take about five to satisfy my sweet tooth?

  11. Mary Says:

    Hmmm, Jennifer, Emerge must has the same appetite as Little E. Just came to see if you possibly had time to do the ice cream post.

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