SMS # 3: Bear’s Peach Cobbler

SMS Gingerbread and TWD Chipster Brownies 018Due to my love of peaches I was forced to go into my small local grocery store wearing black yoga pants (with a smattering of white dog hair), my unwashed hair in a pony tail, face free of make-up, with mismatched flip flops on my feet. 

You see, I had purchased several pounds of peaches on Wednesday for today’s recipe,  allowing them time to ripen.  And plenty of time for me my family to consume most of them.  

Thus, I was forced to run to the little local store to supplement my four tiny remaining peaches.  


Banana peach cobbler?  No.

Grape peach cobble?  No.

Waxy turnip peach cobbler?  Maybe.  Interesting.  But, too, too weird.

Luckily the nectarines were pretty ripe.  

And, luckily, my Bear’s Peach Nectarine Cobbler turned out very good.  If you are interested in the recipe, which is quite simple, please visit Andrea at Nummy Kitchen.


8 Responses to “SMS # 3: Bear’s Peach Cobbler”

  1. pamela Says:

    Well, you made it work, right? I’m guessing you have a serious love for peaches!!

  2. Megan Says:

    Ha ha ha – sounds like my mango problems!

  3. Spike Says:

    That is some peach cobbler devotion. At least you didn’t run into anyone you knew at the store! That always happens to me when I look like a maniac.

  4. fit chick Says:

    Your cobbler looks so good, runny and all!!! You sound like me when I need to JUST run our for something, LOL. Love your adaptation of the peach cobbler; I used frozen peaches, partially from a lazy factor and the fact they are usually picked in their prime of ripeness.

  5. Melissa Says:

    I’ve used nectarines before when I couldn’t find good peaches, and I can’t ever tell the difference. Other than the missing fuzz, is there any difference?

  6. Mary Says:

    Jennifer, that looks super delicious and I wish I had some. Good picture! I always run into hottie guys when I look like that.

  7. Andrea Says:

    I share your love for peaches 🙂 Thanks for baking along with me, I’m glad your peach necatrine cobbler turned out good, it looks delicious! Your cinnamon squares with the missing chocolate post had me laughing, too funny.

  8. Katrina Says:

    Looks great. I actually like nectarines more than peaches and wonder why there aren’t more dessert that use them. I mean, why not nectarine cobbler? No, it’s always peach cobbler with a side note that you could use nectarines if you want. I’m not bitter. 😉

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