TWD #22: Cinnamon Squares


Teenage boy responsible for the theft of chocolate frosting from one pan of Cinnamon Squares.  The purloined mixture of butter and chocolate sat atop a delightful cinnamony snack cake made extra delicious by its chocolate and espresso filling.  The rich chocolaty icing was last seen intact at 7:55 am Monday morning.   The thief has been described as: “my stupid brother’s friend.”    

If you have seen the perpetrator of this crime, please do not approach him.  He’s likely on a sugar high and dangerously hyper.   He may also be “packing heat” in the form of several missing  Fiber One bars.

The victim of this crime is quite distraught as she had not yet taken a picture of her delicious treats for, in her words, “my lame blog post.”  

Any information leading to the apprehension of this scoundrel will be greatly rewarded with half a pan of day-old, naked cinnamon squares.  (Yes, they are still tasty a day later, even without their chocolate topping.)   For further information, including the recipe and photos of unmolested cinnamon squares please contact Tracy at Tracy’s Culinary Adventures.


11 Responses to “TWD #22: Cinnamon Squares”

  1. Mary Says:

    I decided to make mine naked anyway, so I can’t totally sympathize with the lost of your frosting, but I am glad they are still good without. (Even if it’s kind of gross to eat something after stupid brother’s friend has taken off the frosting, unless he took it off carefully with a knife and/ or spatula. He probably did.)

  2. *sara* Says:


  3. juju73 Says:

    OMG….the sneaky devil! Put out an APB on the chocolate…and tell the FBI to check under his fingernails!

  4. Spike Says:

    that is a crime punishable by 15 to life. in my house at least

  5. chocolatechic Says:


    He scraped it all off!


  6. Wendy Says:

    How funny! Sorry about the theft. 😛

  7. Sara Says:

    Oh no! That is too funny. Sounds like munchies to me.

  8. Amy Says:

    Oh, no! These are really good even without the frosting. But if you have a bit of extra chocolate and butter lying around, well, it wouldn’t hurt to make a second batch.

  9. uclala Says:

    Hee hee! That was such a funny post! I especially like the part about the suspect packing heat!

  10. Katrina Says:

    That is to funny! Sorry about the loss of chocolate, but seriously, your writings are so funny!

  11. lola Says:

    I can only imagine the scenario and you sure kept your cool. Good job MOM – it was just too irresistible for a teenage boy. As noted, I plan to try hazelnuts next time with this recipe. Just a few fairly finely chopped. I like the cinnamon and chocolate combination. See you next week.

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