TWD #20: Fresh Mango Bread

 I would eat mango bread while wearing slacks

I would eat mango bread while playing jacks

I would eat mango bread while caulking cracks

I would eat mango bread in the grass  

Mango bread

That fine poem was inspired by my husband, who took the photos of this bread by apparently setting the plate in the grass.  I wish he would have mentioned that before I ate that slice.  Oh, well, a little dirt never hurts!   

You know what’s good to have on hand when you want to make mango-chris_kattan bread?


You got it, mangoes!

Well, I did have one, one small one, which only yielded about a cup of golden mango 2 flesh.  Thus I decided to sub in some diced strawberries and a bit of coconut.  Because nothing screams mango 3  like two completely DIFFERENT ingredients.

I was surprised that the directions said to bake this bread for an hour and a half.  I’m a fan of the light golden blond in my baked goods.  (And on my head.   No, the carpet does not match the drapes!  Oddly, for a long time I thought that phrase was “Do the curtains match the drapes? Which makes NO sense, as curtains and drapes are THE SAME THING!)  Nevertheless, I really liked the way the bread formed a thick-ish crust. 

Okay, admittedly, “thick-ish crust” does not sound appealing.   But it tasted great, the edges were sort of caramelized and chewy and it’s the perfect bread for morning tea, welcoming new neighbors, or taking to work and fattening up ones co-workers.   (My theory-the bigger they look, the smaller I seem in comparison!) 

Thanks to Kelly of  Baking with the Boys for the great selection.  I’ve loved all the past weeks’ recipes, but really enjoyed making an “everyday” non-dessert recipe.


27 Responses to “TWD #20: Fresh Mango Bread”

  1. Sophie Says:

    What a lovely combination for that lovely bread! Yummie!

  2. Spike Says:

    Ha! I include Mango in my post about mango bread too. love it

  3. Spike Says:

    ps- I need some sparkly gold shorts like mango

  4. Chris Says:

    Nice! Looks like the additions really made the bread moist (do you just hate that word?).

  5. *sara* Says:

    Cute poem! And the bread looks yummy!

  6. Teanna Says:

    Hahahaha MANGO FROM SNL!!! LOVE IT!!!! Seriously seriously LOVED this bread! My favorite Dorie recipe so far, I think! Glad that you liked it too!!! I’d eat mango in all of those places, too!

  7. Eyebrows McGee Says:

    We got to eat this at bookclub and it was FANTASTIC.

    • jenjw4 Says:

      That loaf was made by Secret Server and hers was actually much BETTER than mine. (And I enjoyed mine, but hers was more moist.)

  8. Mary Says:

    Jennifer, your bread looks beautiful. And your post looks so funny, I wonder if you were eating mango bread while smoking grass.

  9. pinkstripes Says:

    your mango bread looks fantastic! i’m glad it was a success.

  10. Sara Says:

    It looks wonderful. Sometimes you can’t even predict the ridiculous things men will do when not given direction, like photographing your cake in the lawn.

    I kept my strawberries in fairly big chunks and they did shrink down quite a bit.

  11. Cristine Says:

    Looks great!

  12. chocolatechic Says:

    Looks great.

    I left out the raisins and added in cinnamon chips.


  13. Cathy Says:

    Ha ha! Love Mango. I definitely think this bread is diva worthy. Yours looks fabulous!

  14. Kyooty Says:

    I’ve never had mango, might be something to try as or as not bread. 🙂

  15. Kyooty Says:

    K just noticed something you have the tiniest happy face on teh bottom of the blog page, what is that? it doesn’t clickity!

  16. Katrina Says:

    Dr. Seuss is in da house!
    Glad it was so well liked. Different and yummy!

  17. Megan Says:

    Much better than Dr. Seuss!!

    Too bad I ate all the mango, instead of actually baking the bread – because it sure looks great!

  18. Elyse Says:

    Love the poem at the beginning of your post. So precious! This bread certainly looks ode-worthy 🙂 I would love a slice right now. I love the contrast of the chewy, dense cake against the crispy, thick crust. Fabulous!

  19. uclala Says:

    That was the cutest post with the mango rhyme and the SNL pictures! Your bread looks really moist! It’s a nice contrast with the green, green grass!

  20. Margot Says:

    I love that your husband took a picture of the bread in the grass. He did take a great shot of it, it looks super-yummy! I frequently take my food photos outside and desperately try to not let the overgrown weeds in the background show.

  21. Anne Says:

    It may be a combination of different fruits, but it sounds delicious. I see the happy face at the bottom of your blog too. Maybe it is happy to receive comments?

  22. teaandscones Says:

    Looks like the perfect loaf. Grass and all…..

  23. Mary Says:

    re: smiley face; idk how to comment directly below Kyooty’s comment. I saw on another blog mention of WordPress giving a smiley face to a blog post, so I googled it and came up witht his thread on a message board. I didn’t continue my search to figure out exactly why it was there, but apparently, it is a wordpress stats thing?

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