SMS #3: *Guinness Gingerbread

Good Morning, Ladies and Germs!

Was that lame?   Yep, and this post may be, too, as I’m writing it RIGHT NOW (no rough draft, no ruminating) while eating Katie’s of Katiecakes pick,  Guinness Gingerbread.

And, boy is it delicious.

Here’s the photo, of the piece I’m eating, RIGHT NOW:

SMS Gingerbread and TWD Chipster Brownies 011

Yesterday, walking around our little four aisle grocery store, I debated substitutes for the Guinness Beer.   I perused the tiny liquor section, but nothing seemed promising.   Natural Lite Gingerbread?   Boone’s Farm Strawberry Gingerbread?   Ick.

Then inspiration struck, Root Beer!

Not sure why I thought of root beer, but not, um, GINGER ALE.

Much like George, Jerk store I also think of my “witty” comebacks hours later.

Nevertheless, root beer was an excellent substitution.  I also added a little chopped candied ginger as I was a wee bit short of powdered.   Other than that, I followed the recipe as written.  

I ate a piece last night with lightly whipped cream, and must say this piece,  the one I just finished eating, was as good, despite not being warm.

This recipe was really easy and I would definitely recommend it, the balance of spices is just right and the cake is really moist and flavorful.  I hope everyone else is enjoying Katie’s great choice.

*Unfortunately, no Guinness was consumed in the making of this recipe or in the writing of this blog post.


15 Responses to “SMS #3: *Guinness Gingerbread”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Hey! I used Root Beer too! I loved the substitutions! Great minds think alike, its true indeed 🙂

  2. idonotknowme Says:

    Guiness is very overrated. And root beer makes a good substitute because it is the same color as Guiness.

  3. Cristine Says:

    Great substitution! Your gingerbread looks great!

  4. Tracey Says:

    Nice job making substitutions! I bet it was great with root beer! Your gingerbread looks perfect! I thought this was a delicious recipe too.

  5. fit chick Says:

    Root beer sounds like a great sub. Glad you enjoyed the cake, it just wasn’t gingery enough for me. I consumed the Guinness for both of us.

  6. Kaitlin Says:

    Because of how dark root beer is, that actually sounds like a better substitution to me than ginger ale. I’m glad it worked out for you!

  7. Cathy Says:

    Wow, root beer is a great sub! This gingerbread looks so delicious – wish I could have a piece!

  8. pinkstripes Says:

    Your gingerbread looks fantastic. I’m glad you liked it.

  9. Megan Says:

    Root beer? Clever idea.

    Sadly, I skipped this one, it’s too hot here to bake such a cool weather dessert.

  10. Sophie Says:

    Your gingerbread souds delicious! Yum!

  11. Michele Says:

    I have to admit, the Guiness sounds a bit strange. Your gingerbread looks great!

  12. Anne Says:

    Your gingerbread looks delicious. I think root beer is a great substitute for Guinness. Like Guinness, it has a strong, distinctive flavor.

  13. Elyse Says:

    I love the use of ginger ale! How clever. Your gingerbread turned out great. I couldn’t stop eating mine. Another great SMS week, it seems! Sorry that I’ve been a bad commenter for the past couple of weeks; I just finished law school exams and am just now getting to my google reader!

  14. Melissa Says:

    I wouldn’t have thought of ginger-ale either as a substitute, although now that you mention it, it seems kind of like an obvious one! But I’m glad it turned out great with the root beer!!

  15. zx6karen Says:

    I would have never thought of using ginger-ale. That’s a great idea!

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