TWD #18: Tiramisu Cake

This weeks TWD recipe, Tiramisu Cake, was chosen by Megan of “My Baking Adventures.”

I really love tiramisu.  But I’ve never made it.    In these here parts (central IL) specialty ingredients such as, well, lady fingers, marscapone, and espresso powder can be difficult to find.  

So I decided, much like when I made the amaretti cookies for one recipe and the bread for another, (yeah, I know, my brioche didn’t turn out, but it was a good effort) that I’d make the marscapone myself.    I followed this recipe. 

I planned on baking on Friday but was too tired after attending a Pampered Chef wild party.  Saturday night my son talked me into driving him and a few friends to see the new Wolverine movie.   Sunday I babysat my nieces and went hiking and to dinner with my husband.  “Real life” was getting in the way of my baking!

Luckily, tiramisu cake seemed like a good way to perk up my Monday night.  (Um, instead of going to yoga, slacker!)    Plus my husband could take the leftovers to work the next day.  

Yesterday I ran home from work during my lunch (half)hour and combined the dry ingredients, buttered and floured my pans,  put the butter, eggs and buttermilk on the counter to reach room temp,  set the oven to turn on at 3:45, made the espresso extract and the espresso syrup, combined part of the espresso syrup with the psuedo marscapone, put a whisk and a bowl in the freezer (for the whipped cream)  and headed back to work.    Where I ate baby carrots while working since I had spent my lunch break on cake prep!

As soon as I arrived home from work I beat the butter, kicked the dog, and yelled at a kid.   Just joking;  I only abused the butter, beating it for two minutes alone, then after the additions of sugar, eggs, egg yolk, vanilla, flour, buttermilk, flour, buttermilk and finally, flour.   The cakes were in the oven by 4:20, leaving me plenty of time to make dinner, chop up the chocolate and finish making the filling for the cake.

After the cakes had cooled, I brushed them with the remaining espresso syrup and covered the layers with the filling/frosting.   While the cake chilled in the fridge for three hours I took the dog on a walk, read, helped my daughter with her math (slope intercept form, how I love thee!) and talked to my son about “Romeo and Juliet,” which his freshman English class is reading.   (Does every school have their freshman read R&J?   I read it as a freshman, too, as did my friend SS’s son.)   His favorite quote:

      “Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.”

Hopefully the other saying about men and love is also  true:

 “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” 

  Because, boy, was this tiramisu cake good!          


Hmm… maybe I should have artfully arranged those curtains BEFORE taking the picture!


23 Responses to “TWD #18: Tiramisu Cake”

  1. Sara Says:

    Yours looks great. I can’t wait to have my piece for dessert tonight!

  2. Teanna Says:

    WOW! I am tired just reading that post!!! You were quite the busy woman! The cake looks like it was well worth it!

  3. Mary Says:

    Jennifer, you amaze me with all you accomplish. At first I thought you were saying that was Big e’s fav quote and I was going to have to correct you that he doesn’t even know any Shakespeare quotes. I’m glad tay is enjoying Shakespeare. It will make his high school career so much easier! I am going to have another piece of my cake now since we are hiking this afternoon.

  4. Katrina Says:

    Wow, great job getting it done! Thanks for the Hungry Girl tip.

  5. Themis Says:

    Oh that looks absolutely delicious! My favorite dessert is tiramisu and have made the traditional dessert myself. The only place I found marscipone was at Schnucks and it was worth every cent. I will now have to try the cake.

  6. Cristine Says:

    I am impressed at what you accomplished during your lunch break! Are you hiding super powers? 🙂 Your cake looks great!

  7. Mary Says:

    Also, fyi Krogers now carries the Mozzerella Fresca brand mascarpone and Schnucks has espresso powder. Also, I have bought ladyfingers in the bakery section at Krogers before, but they are not as tasty as this yellow cake.

  8. chocolatechic Says:

    But those curtains show your life, just as it is.


  9. Spike Says:

    Holy crap, how did you get all that prep done in half an hour? The cake looks good…and I think I agree with both Shakespeare quotes!

  10. Ms. PH Says:

    Ladyfingers are actually fairly easy to make if you have ladyfinger pans.

    And yes, I think R&J is required freshman reading. Are they showing the movie too? Everyone I know was required to read the play and then watch the movie, which was made around 1975 and had a bare naked Romeo’s ass in it. That butt made quite an impression on me.

    • jenjw4 Says:

      I think the version we watched was a taping of the actual play, not a movie, if I remember right. My school was probably too conservative to show the naked butt version!
      Tay said his class is watching two movies, an old one and a modern one, so the “old one” might be the version you saw. I’ll tell him to keep an eye out for naked booties.

  11. Kyooty Says:

    How Yummy does that look, wow you’ve got patience. I’d probably end up with the dog in the cake.

  12. Ginny Marie Says:

    I read R&J as a freshman, too, AND saw Romeo’s naked behind!

    That tiramisu looks fabulous!

  13. pinkstripes Says:

    I’m glad you liked the cake. YUM!

  14. Vanilla Bean Counter Says:

    I knew my high school was crappy; we read R&J as sophomores. When we watched the movie the teacher covered the butt flash with her hands.

  15. Megan Says:

    Whew – what a weekend!

    Great cake – and I barely noticed the curtains, I was too busy checking out the cake!

  16. Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy Says:

    Wow! And, I thought I was busy! Your Tiramisu Cake looks beautiful! Kudos for making your own mascarpone. Very impressive!

  17. Kayte Says:

    You are one busy baker…and I laughed out loud literally when I read the comment about the curtains…too funny. So me, too. Your cake looks lovely, just lovely.

  18. Amy Ruth Says:

    your lunch hour (oops half) must have been on fast forward. how you got all that done in 30 is news to me. Impressive. Then ….what you did homework too? Cracks me up? Watch out for those hiking trolls…LOL (and the diner ones too) he he

  19. Sophie Says:

    MMMMM…you have done a great & tasty looking job!! Yummie!

  20. Tracey Says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy! Glad you enjoyed the cake. I thought it was really good too.

  21. teaandscones Says:

    A cake by any other name…. (Since you mentioned R and J) and yes they do ALL read R and J and I did too about 40 years ago in High School.

    But back to the cake. It looks lovely and delicious. And lucky you to be so close to home you can prep and go back to work.

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