Random Tuesday Thoughts


Driving behind a group of 8th graders riding in the short bus,  I noticed there was a spot on the front of my shirt.  I really hope the desperate attempt to spit wash the front of my shirt didn’t appear in a totally other light to the scholasthletes.

Scholastic bowl questions cover a wide variety of topics: math, science, English, spelling, geography and popular culture.  I think some of the questions are easier for the middle schoolers, like math questions (since they are currently taking algebra) but some are easier for the parents.   For example, “What is the correct way  to roll a doobie? Please list all four steps.”   Or, “Name the standard mores involved in attending a key party.”

It freaks me out is that in every photo that I have in which I look like crap, I probably thought I looked okay at the time.   So, I’m looking at myself right now, thinking “hmm,  I look okay,” but how can  I be sure?

Sunday I babysat my two nieces,  J. is nine and A. is four.    We drove by a cemetery and they had the following conversation:

J:   “There are flowers and dead people there (pointing).”

A:   “Dead people?”

J:   “Yeah, Dead People are the BEST people!  But you are too young to be dead.”


J:  “Oh, yah, no, you’re not.”

Kids, they both creep me out and crack me up.

Saturday night I drove Taylor and some of his friends to see the new Wolverine movie.  Taylor’s good friend B. will soon be getting his driver’s license.  In Taylor’s words “Mom, in two weeks, we won’t need you anymore.” 

So I guess he thinks B. is not only going to be driving him around, but also making him dinner?  Buying his poptarts, and cleaning up after him when he upchucks?    It’s not sounding like such a bad deal for me.

BTW, they said the movie was not very good.   Surprising, since pleasing teenage boys usually just requires shit being blown up, it doesn’t seem like that exacting of a movie making science.

Is it good or bad that I’ve stopped caring about my butt being big?

Yesterday I was listening to the last episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” while doing some filing.   I just about dropped the travel file when Donald Trump mentioned that “Chicken of the Sea” tuna is one of his favorite products.   Yes, because Donald Trump is totally sitting around and eating tuna from a CAN.

Thanks to Keely at the Un-Mom for hosting “Random Tuesday Thoughts.”  It’s becoming my favorite day of the week!


14 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. Cristine Says:

    I laughed out loud at the picture comment. Seriously, we think we look good and then a pictures scares us! You are totally right… how can we be sure? Thanks for a great post!

    • Jennifer Says:

      Cristine, I’m just amazed at how shiny my face is! Oh, and once I read a comment from Halle Berry, saying you need to learn “your good side.” Easy for her to say, I doubt she has a bad side!

  2. Jan Says:

    Is that a key party, or a keg party? I couldn’t begin to tell you how to behave at a key party, but I have vague recollections from my youth of both doobie rolling and keggers. Yes, indeed.

    I am intrigued by all of this baking you are doing. I shall be back.

  3. Kyooty Says:

    making note of the movie review… 🙂 I thought it looked good in the trailers

    • jenjw4 Says:

      You might want to read some other reviews, as a group of four teenage boys may not be the best sample…

  4. Ginny Marie Says:

    My husband always says “People are just dying to get in there” when we drive past a cemetery!

  5. Katie Says:

    I can’t believe the boys didn’t like Wolverine. I really liked it! In fact, I’d go see it again!!

    And, Jen…you always look fabulous. Cameras LIE!!!

  6. Julie@Momspective Says:

    HA! That post cracked me up! Awesome RTT!

  7. Keely Says:

    Meh. Cameras don’t pick up how you FEEL.

    Donald Trump probably DOES eat tuna from a can. How else would he have all that cash?? 😉

    • jenjw4 Says:

      The funny thing is, later in the episode someone mentioned the tuna in pouches and he didn’t even know that existed! And he thought it sounded gross! Stupid Donald Trump. Tuna in pouches is wayyyy better than in the cans.

  8. idonotknowme Says:

    This season of Celebrity Apprentice has been interesting. I have changed who I like and don’t like several times. I am looking forward to the finale.

  9. Jenn @ The Coupon Coup Says:

    LOL Donald Trump eating tuna from a can.

    I HATE IT when I look at a picture and am shocked…I mean usually I have a fairly decent sense of reality…but that kind of crap just really irritates me to no end.

  10. jenjw4 Says:

    I’m wondering if it’s some kind of mental self preservation, otherwise I might never leave the house!

  11. Casey Says:

    I thought that same thing when Donald said he’s a fan of COTS. I call BS.

    I unknowingly walked through an entire airport and boarded a plane with a huge pizza stain on my shirt.

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