SMS #1: Strawberry Shortcake

My inaugural “Sweet Melissa Sundays” recipe was chosen by Wendy of Pink Stripes.

 Yes, I know, I need to make MORE desserts like a need another roll on my stomach.    I couldn’t resist the temptation, though, to make more (new) recipes. 

Of course I have made shortcake before, many variations, chocolate shortcake, shortcakes made with bisquick, shortcakes that used heavy cream.   This recipe is one of the latter but has an addition of lemon zest.   When I noticed that the light dawned in my eyes, I whacked myself on the head and thought “Obviously!  Why did that never strike me?”  I guess that’s why I don’t own a famous bakery!  It seems simple, but it brings about superb results.


(For some reason the lighting in my kitchen is really “yellow-y” and my whipped cream always looks more like butter.  Now, I love butter, but it wouldn’t be nearly as tasty on top of strawberries!)

This shortcake was the highlight of my day, which I spent cleaning house and de-stink-i-fying our basement which had flooded.    The hubs took care of the standing water; I was left to deal with the mold and mildew.  Ick.

Luckily, along with the rainy weather, strawberries are also in season, so, please, if you are interested, check out the Sweet Melissa Baking book, or look up the recipe at Pink Stripes.


28 Responses to “SMS #1: Strawberry Shortcake”

  1. Shari Says:

    Sorry to hear about the flooding in your basement. . . but in spite of it all, your dessert sounds wonderful. The addition of lemon zest must give it a nice fresh taste. I’ll have to try it sometime.

    • jenjw4 Says:

      The lemon zest was perfect, it didn’t taste overly lemony, but just added a bit of zing.

  2. Megan Says:

    Yuck – what a mess. Sorry to hear about about it – but at least the shortcake was a bright spot in the day!

  3. Holly Says:

    Oh no! At least you had these shortcakes to drown your woes in! This is my first week with the group too. Your shortcake looks great. I agree about the zest too, it seems obvious after seeing the recipe, but I didn’t think of it before either.

    • jenjw4 Says:

      I drowned my woes in them 1, 2, 3 times! Luckily I had made them smaller than the recipe specified.

  4. Katie Says:

    That sounds so yummy!

    • jenjw4 Says:

      It was. The recipe is similar to the one of yours I’ve made, with just the addition of some lemon zest.

  5. Melissa Says:

    I’m glad you got to have a bright spot in your day! My kitchen has yellowy light too. It must be a kitchen thing.

    • jenjw4 Says:

      I try to do mine in daylight either outside or in our dining room, but sometimes that just doesn’t work out, timing-wise.

  6. Tracey Says:

    So sorry to hear about your basement. That sounds really unpleasant! Your shortcake looks fabulous! I loved this recipe.

    • jenjw4 Says:

      Thanks, it was such a pain. Luckily my husband and teenage son were at home, so they did most of the heavy lifting. I just had to do the cleaning. Ugh.

      I loved this recipe, too.

  7. Margot Says:

    I’m glad the shortcake made up for the basement mess. Welcome to SMS, so far all the recipes have been great!

    • jenjw4 Says:

      Thanks. I’m hoping I’ll have time to make most of the SMS recipes. Of course, it’s almost summer and my kitchen is not air conditioned, so that will be an added challange!

  8. Stephanie Says:

    Sorry to hear about the flooded basement! That is certainly a stinker! But at least you had this delicious treat to look forward too, right?

  9. pinkstripes Says:

    Ugh. Too bad about the flooded basement.

    I’m glad the shortcakes were a success for you. Thanks for baking along with me this week.

  10. Cristine Says:

    I thought the same thing about the lemon zest! It seems like a no-brainer, but I sure never thought of it! 🙂 Your shortcake looks yummy!

    • jenjw4 Says:

      Yes, I can’t believe it never struck me as I love shortcake and I love all things lemon-y.

  11. Michele Says:

    I’m so glad you liked the shortcakes! Sorry about your basement!

    • jenjw4 Says:

      I wish I had one right now. It’s hard reading everyone’s posts and seeing the pictures and knowing mine are all gone!

  12. Melissa Says:

    The fake mint on my shortcake plate smelled herby, but it was growing wild in my backyard, so I did NOT taste it. Maybe I’ll look it up in a “weeds of the west” field guide or something!

  13. Mary Says:

    Your shortcake sounds great. I love lemon zest and it probably makes everything better, I think.

  14. HollowSquirrel Says:

    I LOVE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE SO MUCH I HAVE TO YELLLLL ABOUT IT SO YOU UNDERSTAND THE MAGNITUDE OF MY LOVE. I’ve never made it with lemon zest…i’m intrigued. this calls for a test! NUMMY.

  15. fit chick Says:

    The lemon zest really makes the shortcake. Sorry about the flood, but your dessert looks great, yellow or not!!!

  16. Hanaa Says:

    Great shortcakes! Lots of strawberries, yum! The lemon zest was a great addition. This dessert is a very nice reward after the big cleanup :o)

  17. Teanna Says:

    Hahahah I need another dessert like I need another roll in my stomach!? hahah priceless! Well, that dessert looks like it would be worth it!

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