TWD #16: Four Star Chocolate Bread Pudding

Saturday night I attended a game party at my dear friend Lemur’s house.  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the normally reserved Coyote act out the charade for the movie “Showgirls” (Who knew a tower fan could serve as a stripper pole?)  or the vivacious Notes be mortified over her selection of “My Humps.”    Good times.

Such good times that I was a bit too hung over on Sunday to make my TWD recipe.    Thus, last night, after a muddy ten mile hike in the woods with Lemur and Secret Server, laura-and-marysue-starved-rock-spring-2009 I made a batch of crescent rolls, cooled them, stale-i-fied them in the oven, then reassembled them as a half batch of chocolate bread pudding.

It was deja vu all over again, after last week’s creation and destruction of amaretti cookies. 

I’m actually not a total procrastinator, and knowing that brioche or challah would be difficult to find in my bourgeois middle-America locale, I attempted to bake my own.   With poor results, due to overmixing of the dough and the wrong type of flour.  (Trust me, bread flour, which produces a chewier texture IS NOT a good choice for making brioche.)

Thus I was reduced to using the generic low fat crescent rolls I had in the fridge for a generic low fat crescent roll emergency.   Luckily, they really worked out well.  I also subbed in half-and-half for the milk and heavy cream, as I was too hung over busy to grocery shop over the weekend.

The end result was really rich and chocolatey; perfect comfort food after a day outside in the damp and rain.  (Of course, I’m sure the calories in the dessert more than made up for the calories burned on my hike!)

If you’d like to go on a hike, I’d recommend Starved Rock State Parklaura-starved-rock-spring-2009

If you’d like to make delicious bread pudding,  please check out Dorie’s recipe at Lauren’s blog “A Baking Blog AKA Upper East Side Chronicle”.



14 Responses to “TWD #16: Four Star Chocolate Bread Pudding”

  1. chocolatechic Says:

    I made mine with donuts.

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    Oooo… donuts? I love donuts! Any excuse to add donuts to my diet is welcome!

  3. Sara Says:

    whatever works!

  4. Spike Says:

    that looks like an amazing place to hike. nothing cures a hangover like breadpudding, right?

  5. Mary Says:

    I think 10 miles nullifies any bread pudding calories. Your pudding looks delicious and deep, custardy, chocolatey.

  6. Laura Says:

    Yes, LP, I did use bourgeois incorrectly.

    Do your legs hurt?

    I’m so glad we spent so much time outside yesterday. I’m in such a great mood today. I hope the weather gets nicer so I can go outside later today!

  7. Laura Says:

    BTW, that is a surround sound speaker, not a tower fan.

  8. Amy Ruth Says:

    I’m convinced fresh air exercise burns more calories than indoors. So go get that CBP and enjoy! 🙂 he he Love your post, hilarious. I will never look at a pole fan again in quite the same way. Thanks for stopping by. Here is mid-Missouri its sunny and high 50’s so spring is at our fingertips.

  9. Katrina Says:

    I’d love a hike! Love the super simple idea of crescent rolls for the pudding. Glad you liked it! mmm. Chocolate cream pie, here I come–right after a 10 mile hike, huh!

  10. pinkstripes Says:

    I’m glad it was a success for you after all. Your hike sounds fun!

  11. Margot Says:

    With chocolate custard, I don’t think you can go wrong with the bread you use. What a great treat after a long hike.

  12. Elyse Says:

    So glad the end result was delicious!! Your Saturday night sounds awesome, by the way 🙂

  13. Teanna Says:

    I’d hike for days to be able to eat more of this! Your dessert looks awesome!

  14. Jaime Says:

    beautiful pictures from the hike! the pudding looks great too

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