TWD #14: Banana Cream Pie

This week’s recipe is Banana Cream Pie, chosen by Amy of Sing for Your Supper.   If I had to sing for my supper I would starve and you’all would do worse than gag.

I had never had, much less made, banana cream pie.  Banana bread, yes, banana pudding, yep.  I’ve eaten more than my share of banana laffy taffy’s, scooped up greedily at parades before tiny toddlers could toddle over to them.  (Because they are choking hazards, of course!)   I even made Dorie’s banana cake with Spork or Foon’s banana ice cream last week.  BTW, both were fabulous!

So I felt ready for the banana pie challenge.  Except for the pie crust.  I’ve never made pie crust.   Shocking, right?  I bake almost everyday; it’s not JUST that I am intimidated (but I am, Oh, I AM) by pie crust, but that I, well, I don’t really like pie crust.

Please, don’t leave my blog in protest!  Because I’m really not that picky, here’s a list of things I do like:

wet willies

fingernails on chalkboard

gum smacking

being put on hold

waiting in line

teenager eye-rolling

greengrocers’ apostrophes

and bunnies, I <heart> bunnies.

But, back to pie crust.  To bake the pie crust or not?  To sub in a graham cracker crust, or not?  I also considered trying to make a graham cracker/tradition pie crust hybrid.  Using graham flour?  Does graham flour exist, or did I just make that up?

Inquisitive, I queried the peeps at Tuesdays with Dorie P & Q, some encouraged me, “Take the leap!  Make the crust!” or, maybe I misread, and that was “Take a leap!”  as in a flying one?    Anyway, others said they thought a graham crust would be great.

So, which did I choose?






(The scroll down is building up the tension, I’m sure…)







(I bet you’re thinking, get on with it already!)





Okay, I made the:


Traditional Pie Crust!  (And my scuffed up kitchen table!)

 I’m proud!  It actually turned out really great.   

I liked the filling, too, a pastry cream made with brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, layered between banana slices.    I, unfortunately, am not good at “eyeballing” measurements and ended up using only two small bananas in my pie, rather than the three medium called for in the recipe; I sliced them too thin and I think it would have been better with the correct amount of banana.    The topping was a really lovely mixture of  whipped cream, powdered sugar, vanilla and just a bit of sour cream.   The sour cream was a really great addition and kept the pie from being too sweet.




Despite my weird banana issues (it’s all about the texture!) I really liked this pie and, best of all, I’m no longer intimidated by pie crust.    Now we just need a recipe that combines public speaking, great heights and spiders and I’ll be phobia-free!


20 Responses to “TWD #14: Banana Cream Pie”

  1. Mary Sue Says:

    You do not heart bunnies. Was it last Easter when you had Jack kill one for us and bring it into the small children playing in the house? I believe that you heart this pie though. Yours was super good. I haven’t tried mine yet. I am going to have some for breakfast, then write my post. I’m proud of your pie crust too!

  2. Sara Says:

    Yay for you. Really, how do you not like pie crust? I don’t think I can ever comprehend this, but I will still be your blog friend 🙂

  3. chocolatechic Says:

    Yeah…you made a crust.

    I went with a graham cracker crust.

  4. Teanna Says:

    SO GLAD you tried the ice cream! It is SO good!!! Dangerous! And I am so happy that you overcame your fear of pie crust, because yours really looks delicious!

  5. Spike Says:

    pie dough success! Maybe you should try making this pie while up somewhere high, or while public speaking. sure to be successful

  6. Laufa Says:

    Sounds tastey and the sour cream in the whipped, hmm go figure.
    I sure hope you were being sarcastic about those things you like.

  7. jenjw4 Says:

    Hm.. so many people make variations of the recipes, and while I could bake it up high while public speaking, I’m not sure where spiders would fit into that scenario!

    You caught me, I really only like 1 of the 8 (and it’s not bunnies).

  8. H2OHeather Says:

    Way to go on the crust!!

  9. teaandscones Says:

    Good for you. Pie crust isn’t easy. If you master that, the baking world is your oyster.

  10. Vanilla Bean Counter Says:

    There is such a thing as is graham flour, but I haven’t used it for anything. I wasn’t aware of its existence until after I went gluten free, so I won’t be experimenting with it anytime soon. You can find it at Naturally Yours or in the Hippie Foods section at Krogers.

  11. Ivette Says:

    I’m glad you liked the pie! Yours looks really yummy.. I must try the
    original crust next time!

  12. Margot Says:

    Nice job on the pie crust! Once you get over the fear, it’s so satisfying to make pies.

  13. Elyse Says:

    YAY! You’ve overcome your fear of crust. Your crust looks beautiful. Just beautiful! And, I’m so glad that you enjoyed this pie! Turned out fabulously, if I may say so.

  14. Anne Says:

    Your pie is gorgeous! Now I want pie.

  15. jenjw4 Says:

    Thanks for all the compliments on the pie! My daughter took the photos this week and they aren’t the best (not her fault, not great lighting) but it did look pretty. I still need to work on fluting the edges better.

    VBC, I guess it makes sense that there would be graham flour, otherwise, how would we have graham crackers?

  16. Heather Says:

    Not a big pie fan myself…but, you made that sound reeeaaallly good!!!
    Oh, and teenager eye-rolling is one of my favorite things in the world too!!! *sarcasm* at it’s finest!!!

  17. Sprite's Keeper Says:

    Oh, freakin YUM.
    You all need to put disclaimers up on your sites before showing visuals with your recipes. I may lose this laptop with the amount of drool getting onto the keyboard.

  18. pamela Says:

    Congrats on the successful pie crust! The pie looks great, but your list of “likes” was pretty darned funny.

  19. Shari Says:

    Glad you got over your banana issues for this pie!

  20. Katrina Says:

    Woohooo! You go, Girl! Delicious! (I LOOOVVVEEEE bananas!)

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