Random Tuesday Thoughts


Has anyone else noticed that baby carrots keep getting bigger and bigger?  They really should be renamed big-ass toddler carrots. 

I am beginning to think I hate Cindys.  “Cindy’s what?” you might be thinking, but I am referring to anyone/everyone named Cindy.   That might sound harsh, and an odd prejudice, but think, honestly, when was the last time you met a Cindy that you liked?    (Of course, Cindy, if you are reading this I don’t mean you!)

Taylor, my fifteen-year-old boy, was talking about his love of  Rubik’s cubes (he can solve one in about a minute, no matter how much you mix it up) and Halo 3 and chess and how it’s, oh, “not dorky at all.”   I told him that I think he’ll be like our good friend Coyote, a late bloomer, and go to college, get a good job (I didn’t mention that Coyote is currently unemployed, LOL), work hard and, once he’s a catch and all the girls want him, he’ll marry a nice girl like Lemur.  

Taylor’s response:  “Lemur’s NOT a nice girl.”

(How does he know about her anal sex fetish?)

(Just joking Lemur!)

Me:  “Taylor?!”

Taylor:  “She’s a GROWN-UP!”

Apparently he misunderstood and thought I was advocating him dating a thirty-year old?  Dude, only if she’s really hot! 

Speaking of Lemur, we ran a race on Saturday.  And by “run” I mean, “got beat by a 70-year-old man wearing khaki’s and a dress shirt, who was walking with his five year old granddaughter.”

Lemur and I are also doing the moonwalk.  Not that moonwalk. moonwalk  But an actual walk to and from the moon.  Wait, not “actual” as in “really walking to the moon” but as in an event in which you walk the distance to the moon and back.   Not having read the details, I asked Reagan “How many miles do you think it is to the moon?”   She said “maybe 100?  Hmm… I think it’s farther than that.  “Maybe 300 miles?”

Chris googled it and said it’s about 240,000 miles one way.  Rea and I were WAYYY off.  Panic set in.  That’s a lot of miles over a ten week period. Luckily, it turns out that our whole team combines mileage to equal the distance.  Whew.  Thank goodness I don’t have to walk  6,857.14 miles per day!   

The other day Rea and her friends were talking about religion.  One is Catholic, one is atheist, another Methodist and so on.  Til they got to Jessie, who said “I’m Mexican.”   Rea said, “um, that’s not a religion.”  He insisted that he is Mexican AND that is his religion.    Rea told me this whole tale, how she insisted it was NOT his religion, but then asked me “It’s not really a religion, is it?”

Hope that was random enough for you’all, and please take the time to visit Keely at The Un Mom for more Random Tuesday Thoughts.


20 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. Mary Sue Says:

    No, that is not enough random thoughts, keep thinking! I think Tay should do the Moonwalk (the dance move) while doing his Rubik’s cube. then he probably could snag a good 30 year old woman.

  2. GreenJello Says:

    Good. I’m not the only one who had noticed the size of baby carrots growing up.

  3. Tonya Says:

    Great RTT!! You had me smiling the whole time… 😉

  4. Cameron Says:

    Was Jessie even correct about being Mexican? Patience on the Knickerbocker’s thing, Jen. Geez, pressure much?!?! I kid. No, I was gonna set up a date after I get back from Baltimore, so that would make it maybe the second weed or May or so…cool?

  5. Cameron Says:

    weed, week….whatever.

  6. Laufa Says:

    Mexican LOL! Great Randomness!

  7. jenjw4 Says:

    That begs the question, do you weed in May? Because my policy is NEVER to weed. As weeds are the only things that I can successfully grow.
    Oh, and Jessie is short for Jesus, and he is the nephew of my boss Maria, so yes, he is Hispanic, but maybe not actually “Mexican.”

  8. stacie Says:

    First time visitor here – you had me cracking up!! The randomness that you served up helped to get me through my lunch break. =)

    Happy Tuesday

  9. Cara Says:

    So what was the verdict on the Mexican religion? 🙂

    Hats off to you for signing up for the walk in the first place!

  10. Keely Says:

    Uh, how big is your team?? Because that’s a lot of walking no matter what. Good luck!

    You should check out frogmama’s blog. She has it in for Wendys.

  11. blueviolet Says:

    Thanks. Now I’m pulling out yearbooks looking for all the Cindy’s to see if I hate them or if the potential is there for me to start the hate.

  12. Anissa Says:

    My son is the same way — any computer game and he can beat it!!!

    Loved your post!!

  13. Peggy Says:

    Newbie Alert!

    I don’t know any Cindys thank God cuz they sound like total asshats from the way you make it sound.

    I think I’m going to convert to Mexicanism. Sounds spicy!

  14. Katie Says:

    I totally agree with you on the carrots. They now have petite carrots to go along with the baby carrots. I think it’s a marketing ploy…or genius…?

  15. jaime Says:

    i’m impressed. i could never solve a rubix cube…unless you count that one time that i peeled off all the stickers and rearranged them so it looked like i had solved the puzzle. that lasted til all the stickers unstuck 3 seconds later

  16. Vickie Says:

    That religion story was hilarious.

    Baby carrots are getting bigger. I have to slice them because they are to big to bite off:)

    6,000 miles per day, heck I thought 20,000 steps was alot!

  17. mrsbear Says:

    lol. As far as I’m aware Mexican is not a religion, but if it involves Nachos, I’m totally in.

    Good luck walking to the moon, sounds like you’ll need some comfortable shoes. 😉

  18. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) Says:

    Finally! Someone else who noticed that baby carrots are no longer babies… 🙂 Mexican as a religion – that’s funny!!

    Happy RTT! 😉

  19. Casey Says:

    I know a Cyndi (another blogger) and I think she’s the bee’s knees. I’m assuming that since it’s spelled differently, she’d be cool with you.

    I never noticed the baby boomer carrots until you mentioned it, it’s just freaky!

    Happy RTT. No go to the moon.

  20. jenjw4 Says:

    Keely, I hope like the baby carrots we have a bigass team! it’s a huge amount of miles.
    Blueviolet, Hmm…. looking through yearbooks you might be reminded that you hate Mikes, Jennifers, Susans, etc.. that could be dangerous.
    Amissa, hopefully your son doesn’t go on and on infinitum about algorithms, etc. (On the otherhand, I guess I should just be glad he’s talking at all. Even though it’s super boring.)
    Peggy, definitely spicy. Of course, my coworker Mari does say “I’m not that kind of Mexican” in reference to not liking spicy food.
    Katie, I love those petit carrots, too bad they cost more than the baby ones.
    Jamie, I did the very same thing with my rubik’s, which my son derides terribly, but that thing was so frustrating.
    Vickie, I think 10,000 steps is a lot and wore a pedometer at work one day and walked a whole 300 steps. I think I need a different job!
    Mrsbear, I love nachos! I need a religion that involves nachos, strawberry shortcake and chocolate mousse.
    Stacy, I really do think they have gotten bigger!
    Casey, hmm.. your Cyndi must be the exception to this rule!

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