TWD #13 Coconut Butter Thins


My lucky 13th recipe from TWD is Coconut Butter Thins, suggested by Jane of  the quirkily named “Barefoot Kitchen Witch” blog.

I made the dough for this recipe Friday night AFTER taking my son for some driving practice.  Baking is my de-stresser!  It’s not that Taylor did poorly; he’s actually doing quite well withthe driving.   But Chris (my husband/Taylor’s dad) came with us.   He’s usually way more relaxed than I am but he was a bit impatient because Taylor, like his mother, prefers that the road be completely car-free before making a left turn.  

I think I get that fear from my mother, who, when I first drove, would give me directions that required as few left turns as possible.  

That was not such a good idea, as I once did get in an accident while making a left turn at an intersection due to lack of good judgment.  (Hint:  it’s best NOT to turn when a large truck is barrelling towards you, EVEN if you are in a hurry to keep up with the person you are following.)

Anyway, I made the dough per the recipe, only substituting lemon zest for the lime zest.   I rolled out the dough in a ziplock bag and popped it in the fridge to chill.

Saturday night I baked the cookies and Sunday night I ate them.  ALMOST allof them.  They were so good.   I really enjoyed the buttery taste combined with coconut and macadamia nuts.   My kids wouldn’t taste them, even though I told the coconut-haters they were “Butter Thins,” a little white lie of omission.   (Maybe I’ll become the anti-Jessica Seinfeld, sneaking unhealthy foods into my kids’ carrots, beans and broccoli.)       

Next time I might add a slightly larger pinch of coriander and I might sprinkle the tops with a combo of decorating sugar and large grained kosher salt.   Just to give them a little sparkle. 

These are ideal cookies for a tea party, even if it’s a tea party for one in which one eats a dozen and wonders “What the heck is wrong with Dennis Rodman?”


20 Responses to “TWD #13 Coconut Butter Thins”

  1. Mary Says:

    I think one (or both) of us should make another batch for book club. These were really good. Also, your picture is pretty.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks. But I like the snow picture on your post much more!

  3. TWD #13 Coconut Butter Thins « Keep Passing the Open Windows Says:

    […] TWD #13 Coconut Butter Thins « Keep Passing the Open Windows […]

  4. Laufa Says:

    They sound scrumptious – bog fan of macaroons and this sounds similar to that recipe. Could I have the recipe please, maybe just post it, now that you have tempted us all with the description and picture.

  5. jenjw4 Says:

    You can find the recipe here:

    (Part of Tuesday’s with Dorie is that the only person that posts the recipe is the one that selected it. So, sorry, I can’t post it, but if you page down in that post the recipe is highlighted in green.)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. pamela Says:

    Nice job on the cookies. They look great! My kids are (thankfully) a long way off from learnign to drive, but I can understand how you could use baking as a way to relax!

  7. Beth Says:

    Those look great! I plan to make them soon, mabe this weekend even. I’m thinking about omitting the coriander though because I don’t think I have any at home. I get so many recipes from Dorie and Pioneer Woman – they are amazing!
    By the way, baking is totally my destresser too.

  8. Spike Says:

    what is wrong with dennis rodman?! your cookies look good

  9. PeoriaPeepers Says:

    Those cookies sound great!

  10. Teanna Says:

    I have those some plates! Hahah! I used them for my blueberry crumb cake recipe last week haha anyways off that random point, the cookies look great! I kept eating and eating and eating as well! They are addictive!

  11. lola Says:

    Jennifer, Thanks for the comments & yes, I actually have 7 grandkids. They love to visit me here at the beach. Your cookies look great. I really liked this recipe & will experiment. See you later in the month. Happy Baking!

  12. Michelle Says:

    Ya I agree perfect cookies for a tea party!

  13. Captain Dumbass Says:

    Could you mail out a few of those?

  14. teaandscones Says:

    These were really good weren’t they. They look delicious.

    Taught both my kids to drive. ONe had a wreck with me in the car, but today they are better drivers than me. But stressful at the time.

  15. Michelle Says:

    Ha Ha I had to come back and say you made me lol about the DRs..I could just open up the door and yell down the Hall..WHAT THE I have ALL day to sit here in your little 5×5 office with the fish and game sucky magazines waiting for you to stroll like your at the park or something..ahhhh I do get so mad at them…OK now that I vented I feel better..that’s why I LOVE to bake it relaxes me so I don’t yell those things I think!!

  16. Katrina Says:

    Hey, I have those same plates! Guess we both just have good taste! 😉
    Yep, good cookie. Yep, dangerous.

  17. Shari Says:

    I like your idea of adding more coriander next time! I’m not looking forward to the driving stage!

  18. Emerge Says:

    We are making these this weekend.

    Dennis Rodman is a lost soul – pray for him.

  19. Sophie Says:

    MMMMM..they look tasty!!

  20. Elyse Says:

    Baking is my de-stresser, too!! And I have an inordinate fear of left turns. Man, you’re a woman of my own heart. These cookies look delicious. You’re right: perfect for tea time. So glad we’re going to be baking together in Sweet Melissa Sundays. Can’t wait!

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