Random Tuesday Thoughts


My coworker, Hottie Scottie, just called me and said “B. and I were talking and we decided to extend an invitation to you…”

Great start.  Unfortunately it wasn’t to a fabulous soiree, but to a work training. 

Being held on a Saturday.  Maybe “extend an invitation to you” should have been rephrased “Demand your presence…”  or “Ruin your weekend?”

I hate, hate, hate those stupid “care.com” commercials.  They begin with the scenario of a woman calling and interviewing a babysitter;  she’s on the phone with one candidate and says, horrified, “Is that contagious?” 

Is it really appropriate to ask someone about a medical condition?  And is it kind to be freaked out by it? 

I volunteered at my daughter’s Scholastic Bowl tournament on Saturday;  wow, those kids are smart!  But one answer cracked me up; our team was asked to name the currency of five foreign countries, for the two that were Latin American they guessed “Pedros.”  (Honestly, I do give them credit for at least knowing the countries were likely to be Spanish-speaking.) 

However, I couldn’t help but laugh, picturing  poor Pedro being traded for goods and services.  

(Okay, now that I re-read that scenario it sounds, um, not so funny!)

The Aldi’s that I shop at has a printed out sign that says something like:

“No hoods, hats, or face masks allowed within the store.  Please remove upon entry.”

So I guess they are anti-Zorro-ites.   I really, really want to add “capes” to the list.

Tonight I have high school orientation for my daughter.   I’m freaking out, just a little.  My kids are only a year apart, and when Reagan was a baby we didn’t know we wouldn’t have anymore.   I think I’m starting to suffer from anticipatory empty nest syndrome.  I guess I’ll  just keep on hoping my kids are big losers and end up delivering pizzas and living in my basement.  

Reagan came in my room the other day and said “I think Old Guy Phil called me a ‘Ho’!  I was running with my headphones on and he passed me on his bike and he said, I think, ‘Ho!'”  

Maybe he yelled “wayward ho!?”

Or maybe, like me, he has names for everybody in town, but his are all antipodean, like calling the one armed man, ‘Lefty,’  Reagan is ‘Ho,’  Taylor is ‘Chatty,’  Chris is ‘Sir Hairy Head Shornback’ and I’m “Smallbutt McNoBackFat.”

Updated to add:  I  was quoted onblogtations, woot!  Woot!

I’m outtie, but please take time to visit Keely, aka The Un-Mom, for more RTT fun.


16 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. Mary Says:

    Jennifer, I have anticipatory empty nest syndrome too. Ideally, we can live in a three level house, like the one on Sherman. Lee and I can live where Phit The lived. You and Chris can have the main level, and the four kids can have the moldy basement.

  2. Peggy Says:

    “guess I’ll just keep on hoping my kids are big losers and end up delivering pizzas and living in my basement.”

    Ah, I see you have big dreams for your kids too. Please don’t be too disappointed if they decide to spread their wings, take their own paths in life and become those landscaping guys who stand on the corner waiting for old man gringo to pick them up and give them work for the day.

    Oooh, I just noticed that was a little un-pc to leave in someone’s comments…too bad! 🙂

  3. jenjw4 Says:

    Peggy, so you’re saying they should follow in their father’s footsteps?

  4. georgie Says:

    stoppin by to read all the randomness from un moms linky…
    I have dreams for my beans too….sigh so do they lol

  5. Laufa Says:

    Nice nicknames. Maybe you need to borrow someones baby, just to get the idea of empty nest syndrome to die down just a little. We have those “care.com”, but they have a different name, yes I agree they are annoying.

  6. Kelly Says:

    aww, poor pedro! and what’s with the zorro discrimination? zorro has to eat, too!

  7. mrsbear Says:

    lol. Pedros, that’s too much, they were probably thinking Pesos…I’m sure. The Zorro discrimination is very concerning, we should start an equality petition for the masked crusaders. 😉

  8. GreenJello Says:

    Maybe it was a cross between “hello” and “hi”. 🙂

    Vote for Pedro!

  9. Swoozie Says:

    First time over here—–You Are Funny!

  10. Anne Says:

    I have to admit if the babysitter told me she had some horrible contagious disease, I would probably be horrified too. And I would definitely ask if something was contagious if she had been or was going to be near my kids. I need to be prepared.

  11. Julie@Cool Mom Guide Says:

    I volunteer for Care.com and didn’t even know anyone knew about it and now I’m hearing about them everywhere. I DVR my TV so avoid commercials at all cost, I hate them all equally.

  12. Julie@Momspective Says:

    About my last comment, I forgot to change my gravitar and username. Still getting used to the Momspective 🙂

  13. Keely Says:

    I think it might be justifiable if the potential babysitter had, say, leprosy.

    And poor Zorro. He and his faithful followers can’t catch any breaks.

  14. Angel Says:

    I now feel the need to enter Aldi’s and other stores dressed like Zorro! I think I will at least wear all black tomorrow! Nick names, I have them for all of my neighbors, and friends.. wow I am an…odd person. Happy RTT

  15. jenjw4 Says:

    I guess it just bugs me because it gives the impression that it’s okay to ask medical questions. If I was interviewing a babysitter and she mentioned one, I would offer condolences and then google with condition while I was checking references, etc. Plus, it kind of implies that Care.com would be checking medical history, which I doubt would be legal for them to do.
    Hey, I learned on “Monk” that leprosy isn’t all that bad! (yes, I get my best medical advice from google and TV!)

  16. Casey Says:

    If you ever get empty nest syndrome too badly, you can borrow my kids for a week or month or year. They’re one and two, good luck.

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