TWD #12 Blueberry Crumb Cake

I’m a bit behind today, no post written and my camera is home with my TWD photos on it.   Just  a few nights of insomnia causes utter chaos to my already lacking organizational skills. 


Nevertheless, much like the postal service, (and George Washington) I will forge on. 

I made the blueberry crumb cake for dessert after hiking Sunday afternoon. 

(Doesn’t it look totally like fall here?  It honestly is spring in the Midwest!) 


It’s a really easy recipe, doesn’t use a lot of bowls and doesn’t require a candy thermometer or any specialty pans.   It’s a perfect casual dessert or could easily be served in lieu of coffee cake for brunch or with tea.

I, of course, liked it topped with ice cream and blueberry sauce, because there’s nothing like gilding the lily…. or adding unnecessary calories to my diet! 

The crumb topping is spectacular, brown sugar-y, butter-y, walnut-y and utterly delicious.  The cake part is tasty, soft and full of blueberries.   I couldn’t really taste the lemon zest in mine, so next time I might add a bit more.  (My lemon was rather small but I still just used half.)

This recipe was selected by Sihan of the dually name “befuddlement/Walking in the rain” blog and you can find the recipe on her site.


16 Responses to “TWD #12 Blueberry Crumb Cake”

  1. Mary Says:

    I took that picture. I also took your idea of eating with ice cream. We had our second cake with vanilla ice cream last night. I am slow writing my post too. I am getting ready to do that now.

  2. Spike Says:

    Ice cream is good with almost everything! This year, I think it feels like spring only because the snow (fingers crossed) has finally stopped. Glad you liked this one. It had disappeared from my house within a day. oops.

  3. Sihan Says:

    oh gosh. i would really to hike thru the misty forest as you did in the photo. Nothing here close to that in the tropics. And i’m glad you liked the recipe so much!

  4. carolina Says:

    I am not going to be able to make the cake! I am still stuck in my noisy house. I was able to leave earlier and buy some groceries and remembered everything EXCEPT the blueberries! UUUGGGHHH. I did not make my own fondant this time around, but I will soon. I also want to try the marshmallow one. I see it all the time on Youtube. It looks doable. If I run into problems, now I will know who to ask!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    The marshmallow fondant is super easy to make. You just melt the marshmallows (with a couple of Tbs of water) in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds. Then you mix in the powdered sugar. My daughter has been using a spatula to mix it in, then dumps it on a silpat mat and kneads it til it’s smooth and pliable. One thing I have read (and noticed on her cake) is that it doesn’t hold up well in humid enviroments. (It was fine day 1, but by day 3 the fondant was pretty soft and kind of wet looking)

  6. chocolatechic Says:

    I love crumb topping.

  7. Amy Says:

    Mmmm, ice cream and blueberry sauce. Sounds great!

  8. Nancy (n.o.e.) Says:

    Glad you liked this cake, and that you got to take a lovely hike. yay, Spring!

  9. pinkstripes Says:

    Ice cream and blueberry sauce sound wonderful. YUM.

  10. Cathy Says:

    Oh yeah, the topping here WAS spectacular! I’ll make the cake again, but I might make just the topping sometimes to sprinkle on ice cream, etc. Wow, it really DOES look like fall in that picture!

  11. Teanna Says:

    Yes!!!! Ice cream and blueberry sauce sounds like the PERFECT addition to this cake!

  12. Sara Says:

    Hmmm, Blueberry sauce is such a good idea. I am sure you burned off all those extra calories on your hike!

  13. Steph Says:

    I didn’t add lemon zest in mine since I went with cranberry almond and I didn’t want too many flavours (actually I was too lazy to zest..hahah)

  14. Musing Says:

    I just stuffed myself at dinner and this post still made me hungry!

    Also, GreenJello submitted a quote by you to be featured on my site, Blogtations. Would you email me about it?

  15. Katrina Says:

    Awesome toppings to a great cake!

  16. teaandscones Says:

    Your cake ‘sounds’ delicious. Ice cream and blueberry sauce. PERFECT!

    Love hiking. But so hot here in the Summer almost impossible.

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