He really thought it was about the eggs.

It’s the arguments about nothing that are the most worrisome.    

If you feel loved, respected, then you assume the wrong sized eggs are the product of an accidental purchase, not due to lack of caring.   Not due to someone “never listening,” not due to your other half  making a “passive aggressive attempt to hinder your stress-reducing desire to bake.”

A heated argument about nothing is really an argument about EVERYTHING.

Everything that is wrong in your relationship. 

He doesn’t listen.

You nag.

He listens even less.

You nag even more.

You don’t feel heard or appreciated.

Neither does he.

And there isn’t an easy solution.  Especially when both parties feel wronged.  

It’s easier to hang out with friends, focus on kids, worry about the house, bake a cake, then it is to solve what seems unsolvable.

So, I exercise, go to movies.  Drive the kids to activities.  Work.   Have fun with friends, enjoy life, for the most part.

However, something is missing.   The something that makes me cry over love songs.   Despise romantic movies.   Avoid old boyfriends.  And eat another brownie, when, actually I’m full.


6 Responses to “He really thought it was about the eggs.”

  1. Maria Says:

    I am sorry you are feeling these things and I hope some resolution will come.

  2. Cameron Says:

    Hopefully an answer will come to the problems that you face. I’m confident.

  3. Katie Says:

    Oh, Jen….Shall we sign him up for the next season of Tool Academy? I’m sure we can come up with some kind of funny nickname. 🙂

    You are fabulous and you will get this figured out. You deserve nothing but the best and to be happy!

  4. idonotknowme Says:

    Not every argument about nothing is about everything. I think if you are constantly having arguments about nothing, then it might actually be everything, but an occasional nothing is not everything. I bet you will be able to work it out.

  5. EyePulp Says:

    Sometimes the arguments about nothing are a blessing – it means there’s nothing more pressing threatening your family. It’s like CNN reporting shark attacks as newsworthy – it’s a placeholder until something real happens. Generally these are stress driven arguments that are just projected anger/frustration rather than meaningful personal divides.

    My barometer of argument significance is less the content than the length of time before one of us attempts to mend fences afterward. The arguments that end in anger without that anger ever being directly addressed (via apology or cooler-headed discussion) after the the fact are the ones to watch. They have a cumulative affect, and rot the lines of communication from the inside out.

    But yeah… it sucks when you’re at odds. Chin up.

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