Shouldn’t it really be “Approximately Pi Day?”

Last night my son sprung it on me that he has to make a t-shirt and poster for Pi day. Pi day isn’t until  March 14 but the project is due THIS FRIDAY.  Crap.

Why do children do that?

Anyway, the theme is…..


Wait for it… 



 “The Pi is the Limit.”

I love math teachers.  They are so willing to be silly. 

I guess I should be glad that it isn’t “Ruby in the Pi with Diamonds,”  or “Slumdog Pionairre.”  

“American Pi” might be interesting.   (I heart Stifler’s Mom.)

Anyway, I’m seeking any and all t-shirt/poster suggestions , because  Taylor’s and my brainstorming session was more like a brainovercastday.


2 Responses to “Shouldn’t it really be “Approximately Pi Day?””

  1. idonotknowme Says:

    Maybe you can do something with a more accurate value of pi: 3.141592. In American style dates, March 14, 1592 would be the best Pi Day. If you go European style with the day first and month second then April 31, 1592 is your day. Check this article and the many links from it for more potential ideas.

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    Thanks. It’s really a struggle to come up with two assignments with the one theme. Especially since Taylor put this off til almost the last minute.

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