I wet my pants a little.

Me: “It’s freezing out here. It’s a good thing I have these mitten-y glove thingies.” (Yes, in my everyday life I’m quite articulate.)

Reagan: “What?”

Me: “They have places for each finger and then a flap that pulls over and they look like mittens. So they are ‘Gluffins,’ I guess…”

Reagan: “What? What are they?”

Me: “Gluffins! You know, Gloves and Muffins!”

Reagan: “Muffins?”

Me: “Oh, yah….”

Reagan: “They are GLITTENS! Are you high?

Me: “No, I’m not high! What do you know about being high anyway?”

Reagan: “Gluffins! Gluffins! I think you are high!”

Me: (laughing hysterically, yet denying illicit drug use)

Me: (still laughing) “I hope ‘Jaylor’ and ‘Take’ enjoy the ‘chries’ and ‘fricken’ we are having for dinner.”

Reagan: “You are so weird!”


7 Responses to “I wet my pants a little.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    hehehe I can’t wait till my kids are old enough to make me look like I’m high! : ) Oh wait….

  2. Secret Server Says:

    At least you didn’t tell your two teenage sons when you were little you used to keep your hands warm in your muff, that that was the best way to keep warm with the skin on skin contact and all. Ummm, when did my kids learn such slang?

  3. Katrina Says:

    Too funny! We just had chies and fricken for dinner, too!
    You must have had muffins/food on the brain! Whenever I am typed cooked, I ALWAYS type cookied–and you know what I’m always thinking about.

  4. Katrina Says:

    See, I can’t even type a simple comment and make sense–I meant “whenever I am typing the word cooked….I always type cookied.

  5. Billy Dennis Says:

    I cannot type “people” without typing “peoria.”

    I blame the shrooms.

  6. idonotknowme Says:

    Reagan is right, you are weird. That other Reagan is also Right!

  7. Katie Says:

    Odd…your Reagan also leans right. What are the odds?

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