Screwing up the hugers one day at a time…

Saturday night Reagan, L. and I were discussing ligers, Napoleon Dynamite’s favorite animal.

The topic arose because there was a news story about a man who was killed in a savage liger attack.

After convincing L. and Reagan that ligers are a hybrid cross between a tiger and a lion, L. asked Reagan, “If you made sweet, sweet love with a liger, what would you get?”

“A Huger!”

We laughed until tears were streaming.

But maybe you had to be there?

Then, last night Reagan gave me a chocolate covered gummy bear, called a “muddy bear.” I told her, “we could make these at home, but using dark chocolate and we could call them ‘shitty bears.'”

Yes, I do crack myself up. And, yes, we did commence to have a whole “And shitty worms. And shitty swedish fish” conversation.

To further my poor parenting I ordered my son this t-shirt for his upcoming 15th birthday.

It totally fits his sense of humor, however, nothing says “I love you” like insinuating that your kid will grow up to be the fry guy at McDonalds.


3 Responses to “Screwing up the hugers one day at a time…”

  1. East Bluff Barbie Says:

    I love the shirt.

  2. Rixblix Says:

    Nice. Parent/Teacher conferences should be great!

  3. jenjw4 Says:

    Oh, we already had parent-teacher conferences, after which, I told Taylor, “Wow, your English teacher is REALLY HOTT.. and your Geometry teacher isn’t bad either!”

    Scarred for life, I tell you, scarred for life!

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