He got what was coming to him…

Yesterday I wrote this but didn’t get around to posting it:
I am a Democrat. Surrounded by three Republicans.

Three self-righteous Republicans. Ugh.

None of them regularly read the newspaper, or watch any news other than FOX. One told me that I am “drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.” Another said that Palin would “help kids with special needs” when she actually cut services for the families of such children during her governorship. The third says he’s a Republican and pro-McCain but can’t do anything other than parrot what his father says.

Worse than uninformed, they’re ill-informed.

The pervasive message that Obama voters are imbeciles floating on a cloud of “hope,” worshipping their idol is condescending.

It’s also bullshit. I know Obama isn’t perfect, for example, I disagree with his campaign’s stance on gay marriage. Nevertheless, looking at our available choices, he definitely beats a man who chose a running mate based upon a perceived mobilization of voters rather than the good of the country.

And if I hear “Obama is a Socialist” one more time, my head is going to fucking explode.

Luckily I waited to post it, as last night I came up with a solution to some of my frustration. The kids were in bed, the lights and clothes were off…

“First say ‘Obama is NOT a Socialist'”


10 Responses to “He got what was coming to him…”

  1. Katie Says:

    That is awesome. Way to use your leverage!

  2. mortonmalaise Says:

    Obama is a Socialist. MWHAHAHAHA!!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Love your blog! And I am gonna have to try that one : )

  4. Ramble On Says:

    Quick thinking! Way to go!

  5. HollowSquirrel Says:

    heeeee. You crack me up.

  6. Anon E. Mouse Says:

    Obama is a socialist.

    (That may as well have been a dare, you know.)

    BTW, what is the point of the clothes being off if the lights are out?

  7. Rixblix Says:


  8. Ms. PH Says:

    You used bullshit and fucking and threatened to withhold sex all the same post. You rock.

  9. Secret Server Says:

    Could he do it? Won’t you be glad when this election is over? (and you are proven right?)

  10. postsimian Says:

    HA! That fucking rocks!

    Of course, if my wife asked me to say “Most Republicans aren’t scumbags/sheep/dumbasses/fascists/fundie nutbags,” there’s about a 100% chance of rolling over and going to sleep.

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