Sign ‘O the Times

My parents are getting divorced today and I found out about it via my mom’s MySpace page!

I guess that would sound a lot more tragic if I were, like 13, rather than 37.
Of course, I did know that it was coming. They’ve been seperated for about two years.
And, unlike your average 13 year old, I didn’t think it was my fault or that they would get back together!

It’s a difficult situation, in that my mom was miserable married, but my dad was happy and now the roles have essentially reversed. My mom is enjoying the freedom of being single, of having only herself to take care of, but I don’t think my dad pictured being alone in his retirement, the financial struggles or the difficulty of running a household by himself. (The fact that he does most of his grocery shopping at Dollar General is pretty telling!)

My only worry, step-parents. It would be weird, at my age, to have a step-parent, or, even crazier, step-siblings!


6 Responses to “Sign ‘O the Times”

  1. Diane Vespa Says:

    It’s such a shame they couldn’t work it out. Very sad. I think divorce is usually harder on the man than the woman. I’m sure you will keep a close eye on him.

  2. Secret Server Says:

    Yes, I got my step dad when i was about 20. I still think he is crazy. It is too bad about your parents. I know you worry about your dad and I hope they both find happiness.

  3. HollowSquirrel Says:

    That’s totally weird.

  4. kayj Says:

    It is especially weird to find your parents are getting divorced today via your sister’s blog. Mom didn’t say a thing when I was at her place over the weekend.

  5. Laura Says:

    It is also strange that you talked to her last week and saw her Saturday and she didn’t mention it at all. Maybe she thinks it is none of your business?

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks everyone for you well wishes.

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