One day the high school secretary called me at work. “Taylor is sick. He’s lying in the hall and can’t get up.”

OMG. My teenager is so ill he can’t get up? He’s a freshman, lying IN THE HALLWAY at school? He must be REALLY, REALLY SICK. My mind raced to appendicitis and I was frantic. I called my husband, Chris, who, luckily, hadn’t left for work yet. He ran to the high school.

Taylor was in the office and said he felt “okay.” Chris sat and talked to him; the nurse came and took his temp, said he didn’t have one, asked him some questions and, satisfied that he was okay, sent him back to class.

Whew. Relief.

But, WTF? I couldn’t help but wonder what possessed my son, a quiet, slightly shy fourteen year old to LIE ON THE FLOOR of the HALLWAY at SCHOOL.

Really, his social skills are pretty good, I swear! He’s not the kid dressed in ill-fitting polyester pants, a plaid shirt and pocket protector. (Not that there’s anything wrong with with that!)

I asked Taylor and he said he just didn’t feel well, no big deal.

Digging deeper, I asked one of his friends, W., who said “No, I didn’t know he got…. OH, yah, Ms. T. told us about that, that a boy got sick during 1st hour health, while looking at slides of STD’s.”

I guess someone won’t be having unprotected sex.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Laura Says:

    All cats and STDs are grey in the dark.

  2. postsimian Says:

    That’s deep.

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