“The Trail” (a’la “The Road”)

The trail loomed ahead of the woman and the dog, long, desolate, winding. The destination, mile marker eight. What would be waiting there. Civilization in the form of a wooden bench. An austere marker proclaiming our slight progress. Or would the travels and travails be for nought.

Walking, passing wooly caterpillars inching across the leaf strewn path, the woman pondered. Does he know the water is low. One small bottle of aquafina for a five mile treck. He carries distant memories, memories of his mother, of a spot near the window that he liked to lie and bathe his white coated body in the intruding sunlight.

Occasionally overcome by a fellow traveler, head covered in protective gear, with a shout of “rider to the left.” Does he know where he is going. Is his destination worthwhile.

The dog, wishing to leave some vestige of his presence on the forboding landscape occasionally stops, making the absence of a baggy careless and necessitating leaf scuffing to cover the pungent tracks that would betray our existence, reckless, lackadaisical hikers.

The path alternates between shade-covered and sun-dappled. The dog wishes to run. Dont. Save your energy, you will need it. He looks sulky. Does he understand.

Finally approaching mile marker nine. Awash in relief, however the journey is not complete and the woman’s heel is calloused and chafing. The yellow bulbous creatures keep landing and stinging, wounding the woman’s fragile skin but not the dog with his tough furry hide.

Once the summit is reached, mile marker eight, what then. Will the woman’s ass be smaller. Will the world be a better place. Will thatone and theotherone still be bickering, an endless spate of meaningless words not answering the questions they have been asked.

Rounding a bend, the sign encroaches upon the wind bitten landscape. Walking one tree past it the dog and the woman turn around and head home.


4 Responses to ““The Trail” (a’la “The Road”)”

  1. Laura Says:

    Better than the worst book ever, but does that say much. Note that I did not use the correct punctuation in the previous sentence, nor will I do so in this one.

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    It was really really difficult for me to do the non-standard punctuation and to keep it mainly out of first person (The whole book “The Road” has maybe two instances in which the author uses first person). I actually wrote it using standard punctuation and “I” and then went through and “corrected” it.
    I just hope people reading this get that it’s a spoof and don’t just think I’m an idiot!

  3. Rixblix Says:

    Spooookkkkyyyy…very good!

  4. Secret Server Says:

    I have not read The Road. I was wondering what was up with your lack of correct punctuation at first. So uncharacteristic. I think you are brilliant though. But if you had brought baggies, not only could you have been a responsible pet owner, you could have collected that wooly caterpillar for Taylor! (Your spell checker wants me to change that to woolly? I’m spelling it like you spelled it.)

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