I won a fish! Yes, a fish!

(The kind you eat, not a pet.)
Thank you Food Blogga! And Kona Blue!

The kona kampachi was caught in Hawaii on Sunday, shipped on Monday and arrived on Wednesday. Thus we had super fresh fish last night.

But first we had to get a bit of butchering out of the way!

Meet Mr. Fish:
(Creative, no? I also have a Jack Russell Terrier named “Jack” and a child named “It.” )

Admittedly, when I opened the package I thought “Shit.” The fish was lovely and fresh, but skin? Gills? Eyeballs? Guts? A little overwhelming!

Reagan and Chris arrived home as I was ogling Mr. Fish (he was ogling me, too!) and Reagan said “Oh, cool, I’ll go look up directions and we can fillet it.”

What? My thirteen year old girl child WANTS to help clean and fillet the fish?

She printed off the directions and we gathered in our tiny kitchen. I started on dinner, migas, while they worked on the fish:

They cut off the head:

And, while I cut up bell pepper, onion, jalapeno, corn tortillas and cilantro for dinner, Reagan pulled out the guts and then started following the line of the bones with her knife, to seperate the fish into two large fillets:

(My child will never pose or smile for pictures, unless, apparently, you give her a knife!)

The fish being filleted:

Taylor, tasting a piece of raw fish:

We all tasted it raw and it was delicious. If I had good knife skills I would have made some sushi.

Chris and Reagan did a great job filleting the fish; we ended up with two really large fillets that I carefully wrapped up to cook the next (last) night.

I decided to lightly season it, hoping to not overwhelm the delicate flavor of the fish. One fillet I sprinkled with a bit of dill, garlic and lemon zest, the other with paprika, a tiny bit of cayenne, and cumin. I heated a small amout of olive oil in a large nonstick pan until it was hot and cooked the fillets seperately for about 3 minutes per side. I wanted the fish to be slightly under-done, as kona kampachi is sushi grade and tastes really great raw. (I HATE overcooked fish!). We had Ms. Fish (eggs were discovered during the filleting!) with broccoli (sauteed with garlic, olive oil, and red pepper flakes) and breadsticks.

Our dinner:

Again, I thank Kona Blue and Food Blogga for giving us the opportunity to try this delicious fish. It was wonderful (the fish, and seeing my daughter tackle something I found daunting with such aplomb!)

One last picture,
Cute Pie Reagan:


4 Responses to “I won a fish! Yes, a fish!”

  1. Sue Says:

    Congratulations! Next time I need a fish filleted, I’m calling Regan! Now I have a taste for some tortilla encrusted Tilapia (cooked) 🙂

  2. postsimian Says:

    Agreed. Your daughter may have found her calling.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Maybe so. The funny thing is, she’s extremely squeamish about blood.

    When she was working she said “Maybe I should be a chef!”

    (Bad hours, bad pay, etc… but I didn’t mention that to her)

  4. Ramble On Says:

    A meal fit for a king. Give Reagan a pat on the back.

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