Common field cricket

Taylor’s hardest class is Biology; his teacher has high expectations and it’s nice to see Taylor work hard to do well. (He just got his first grade report in high school-seven “A’s” and one “B,” in Biology, of course!)

His first Biology project of the year is about bugs. He has to catch ten different kinds of insects, afix them to cardboard and write a one to two page paper about EACH bug.

And Taylor HATES, HATES, HATES to write.

His teacher is having them turn in a rough draft of one bug paper, today, to make sure they are following the right format (font type/size, double spaced, correct margins, etc) and citing everything correctly.

Taylor sat at the computer looking up information in his Audobon guide and online. He spent several hours over the weekend working on the paper.

Finally, Sunday night he walks into the kitchen and says “I’m still not done! It’s hard to write a whole page about one bug!”

He hands the 3/4’s full paper to me.
And it’s single spaced.


2 Responses to “Common field cricket”

  1. Ms. PH Says:

    Ah . . . the joy of double spacing. Next teach him the trick of wider or narrower margins!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Oh, his teacher is SOOO strict. She measures their margins and they even have to use a specific font.
    Most of the time he seems so grown-up, taller than me, pretty responsible, etc… then he won’t know something-like papers are double-spaced-and I’m reminded of how young (and inexperienced) he really is.

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