She made it!

Now that my daughter is a cheerleader, instead of hearing me say:

Uh, yah, right, cheerleading is a sport. A sport where you cheer for others playing a different, better sport.


Cheerleaders? A bunch of uck-stay up-ay iches-bay.


God, their skirts are way too short, inappropriate for thirteen-year-olds.

I’ll be saying:

Oh, cheerleading is very athletic. As the cheerleaders say: “In football a whole team tries to catch one ball. In cheerleading two girls try to catch a person!”


Cheerleaders aren’t mean. My daughter is friends with some MUCH less popular girls. (The cheerleader version of “I have a black friend.”)


The skirts aren’t too short. They cover more than what most people wear to go swimming! (Yes, because cheerleading takes place on a beach?)

Obviously I have my concerns about cheerleading but am attempting to be supportive. They just have so many dumbass picky rules, such as: “You must be wearing white no-show socks; any other type or color of sock will cause you to be pulled from cheering at the game or event.”

WTF? Is cheerleading like the miliatary? Is my daugther going to be torn down, only to be built back up, part of a pyramid of pubescent peppiness?

And the drama, oh, the drama has already started. One girl called all the 8th graders to let them know who made the team. Well, “all” meant everyone OTHER than my daughter. Nice.

Plus there’s the inevitable sour grapes of some of those that didn’t make it.

Nevertheless, you can guess where I will be spending my fall… cheering for my cheerleading daughter.


4 Responses to “She made it!”

  1. Secret Server Says:

    Congratulations to Reagan! I hope she has fun! I wonder though, how they will know what color her socks are, if they aren’t showing?

  2. Rixblix Says:

    Congrats Rea! It was the no show socks that did it, I’m sure.

  3. Jaded Says:

    I was a cheerleader in 6, 7, 8, and 9th grade. I eventually quit because the unbelieveable “cliquie-ness” just wasn’t for me. I just knew that I didn’t want to make other people feel bad about themselves to be more popular myself…so I moved on to Pom Pom squad…which wasn’t any better really…just a different clique. But, I will say this: cheerleading, while not for everyone…was very athletic and even at times…a blast. I’m sure that Reagan will find her way on this for sure. Tell her congrats! and HAVE FUN with it! :o)

  4. jenjw4 Says:

    Good point! I was actually reading the sock packages thinking, oh, no, what if these aren’t low enough? What if they make them take off their shoes and the pink “hanes” label disqualifies her?
    Yep, I must have bought her the right ones! And the right hair bows! And the right $30 shoes that can’t be worn for actual cheerleading events because everyone’s have to be EXACTLY the same!
    Thanks. I agree about the cliquey-ness (sp?) and am hoping it won’t be too bad!

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