Guess getting mooned has a lasting effect…

I’m in a good mood.
Despite the .30 in my checking account yesterday (that turned into a -$7.53 over night!).
And the fact that I ran out of gas today after dropping Taylor off at football. At a four way stop. In the center of town.
Not one of the four people I waved through the intersection stopped to help.
Oh, and I had to push the car, in neutral, a half block so that I wasn’t blocking the intersection or a driveway.

My back aches.

BUT, I”m in a good mood.


14 Responses to “Guess getting mooned has a lasting effect…”

  1. Billy Dennis Says:

    Where was this at? I can’t believe no one stopped to help a woman who had run out of gas. Call me a sexist big, but I think it’s a man’s job to help a woman in distress.

    Attention men: We are falling down on the job.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    It was in my little town, north of Peoria. It was during regular business hours (3:05ish) so maybe not too many men were about.
    I did learn something new, as I never realized that a car in neutral was pretty easy to push-even in a skirt and sandals. Next thing on my agenda: learning to put anti-freeze in my leaking radiator!


  3. Billy Dennis Says:

    You might want to put stop leak in their first, THEN new anti-freeze. But remember to mix with the proper amount of water.

    If it’s new and under warranty, check with mechanic first.

  4. Maria Says:

    Good for you! A day like that would have had me in the fetal position, not charging through the intersection, or as fast as one can charge pushing a car.You rock!

  5. PeoriaIllinoisan Says:

    I don’t recall the last time I was mooned, and generally if a guy is mooning someone he won’t remember it anyway, which might explain why I don’t recall, so I am not in the best position to say whether that would explain a bad day for you. (that’s a long sentence, isn’t it!?)

  6. Billy Dennis Says:

    I understand most of the mooning activity in this city happens on North California …

  7. katearch1978 Says:

    Billy, I think it’s closer to Peoria St.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    Well, since I got mooned 3 times Saturday night, I’m thinking most of mooning activity happens within a 20 foot circumference around me!

    Oh, Billy, and thanks for the advice. I had forgotten about the stop leak stuff-the savior of all my teenage cars! (And, under warranty? I wish!)

  9. Michael Davis Says:

    I don’t think that men are falling down on the job so much. In this day and age, women (and men) don’t trust each other enough to pull over and help someone. If you read Luciano’s column about the scam artist he encountered the other morning, there’s your case in point.

    Not that I think Jennifer is a scam artist, faking her dead car to con a young man out of money, but it sucks that it’s a possibility. Same thing holds true with women especially… I mean, how many women out there truly trust a strange man to pull up beside them when they are broken down on the side of the road?

    I think I was 8 years old the last time my mother had a flat tire and an entire family pulled up off the highway to help us change it during a snow storm. You don’t see that anymore and it’s sad that there are people out there who have caused us to fear stopping to help others or having someone stop to help us out.

  10. Jennifer Says:

    I think people also assume that everyone has a cell phone and will be able to call for help. I don’t have one, and was lucky that I was close to home.

    On the other hand, I may be dumb (or naive), but if someone had offered to help me, I would have accepted, and, if I had been farther away from my office, I would have accepted a ride. (Well, unless like in that beer commercial, the guy had been wearing a hocky mask!)

    I’d like to think that a vast, vast majority of people are good, and that my likelihood of being picked up by a “bad guy” is extremely remote. (Of course, this is a case in which I’d tell my daughter, do as I say, not as I do!)

  11. Ms. PH Says:

    You know, Jen, after the first mooning, you should be expecting the next few moonings! Thanks for catching the moon meant for me!

  12. postsimian Says:

    Last time I mooned someone was while going 75mph down the highway after a movie. I believe I mooned my cousin.

    Nothing quite feels like the needly sting of half-frozen raindrops on a November evening pelting your bare ass at 20 miles over the speed limit.

  13. Secret Server Says:

    Hmmm, could this be bad karma for allegedly (sp?) driving past a woman pushing a car on University Saturday morning? Just kidding, I know we didn’t see her. And I just have bad karma on my mind after using a bunch of counterfeit coupons.

  14. Jennifer Says:

    They weren’t counterfeit!

    And, yes, I’m not exactly sure how we didn’t see her but Laura did… must have been the all-encompassing, scintillating conversation that we were having!

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