Jennifer Kay Letourneau?

I love the show “Weeds.” And this season, the fourth, I have developed a crush on a character, one I previously didn’t find attractive.

Silas, the son of the main character, Nancy, is totally not “my type” but somehow this season, he’s just so appealing; maybe it’s the haircut and his burgeoning sense of responsibility. I just don’t know. I was assuming he must be 18 or 19, as he doesn’t seem to be attending high school, but in the last episode his age is mentioned and he’s 17! 17!

Gross. Creepy and Gross.

When I thought he was 18, and merely 1/2 my age I wasn’t as creeped out. But 17? Next month I turn 37. That makes me 20 years older!

Somehow 2x=36 seems less egregious than x + 20=37.

(Oh, and I did search for him on IMDB and he is 21 in “real life…”)


2 Responses to “Jennifer Kay Letourneau?”

  1. katearch1978 Says:

    Hilarious! I had the same reaction!!

    His character has really changed all of a sudden. And it feels like I should not be seeing that!

  2. Michael Davis Says:

    Well, as an avid “Weeds” watcher, you should know that the idea of age when it comes to physical relationships is not an issue in the land of Agrestic! So you would be fine!

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