mouth meet foot

My little office has three employees. My boss, my co-worker Mari (who really works for another program and shares space with us) and me. My title involves our database but should really be “head lackey.”

We are grant-funded and have an uncertain future, funds-wise, thus we were recently discussing our resumes and how we could “beef them up” with all the stuff we do around here.

I could be “head of customer service” (I usually answer the phone), “head of human resources” (I call people’s references), “head of the sanitation department” (I take out the trash) and “head of tech support” (well… I am the one that has to call them for all tech issues!).

I suggested to Maria that she is “head of custodial services” as she cleans the office. And to Mari that she is “head of landscaping” because she waters the plants.

Umm.. maybe not the best job titles for my hispanic co-workers. Talk about stereotypes!


4 Responses to “mouth meet foot”

  1. tsheets Says:

    Too funny! But, I do have an issue with your assessment of your “titles”. 🙂 The ‘head of’, which would be better replaced with ‘president of’ , or ‘VP of.’ Maybe CTO…Chief Technical Officer. 🙂

  2. HollowSquirrel Says:

    I should be beefing up my resume, too, as my grant funded work is on the way out. Isn’t it fun?

  3. Maria Says:

    Resumes are all in how you word them. If you ever go a post-it note that said ‘good job’, that translates on your resume to “written commendation for job performance”.

    One of my therapists once said that I was ‘a little too good with words’, and that art therapy might be good for me… Whatever. If you’d like I would be glad to help. I am a spelling fool too.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Oh, yes, tsheets, you are right, I should vary the vernacular, plus I’ve always wanted to be the VP of something!

    Squirrel… fun? Is fun another way of saying terrifying? I hate applying, I hate interviewing, etc…

    Maria, thanks. If we don’t get our grant then I’ll email you a copy of my resume. My husband is an awful proofreader!

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