Belle, MO

SS and I went to scenic Belle, Missouri last weekend to visit our dear friend Chad. We frequently take our children on small trips so we are accustomed to getting lost travelling together and we always have a good time. Even when things go disastrously wrong. (Like the time two guys tried to break into our hotel room, while we were in it! Or the time, leaving a Chicago museum, that we got lost and saw a drug deal go down. Or the time SS hit a post in a parking lot and flipped me off!)

Wow, and I’ve been thinking I have nothing to blog about!

Luckily this trip was highly successful. For example, I caught four large bugs.

I may be driving my friends crazy with my new bug obsession. Truth be told, I’m a big weenie chicken when it comes to bugs. Well, at least I WAS until I started helping Taylor with his freshman biology “bug project.” Now I am like the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” of bug collection.

But taller, without the bad hair, or the propensity to drop the “N” bomb.

And my tools are ziplock bags, rubbing alcohol and my super fast reflexes instead of snitches, handcuffs, and tasers.

Okay, I’ll shut up about the damn bug catching for a moment, because our vacation was a success for other reasons, too. We met one of Chad’s benefactors at the artist’s residency, Katherine, and she was very kind and told us interesting stories about her life. “Interesting” as in, how can so much bad stuff happen to one person, during one life?

We drank Boones Farm wine, a highly sophisticated “apple wine flavored beverage” and played a couple of games of drunken Scrabble. The rules of drunken Scrabble are different in that you can play misspelled words and, also, abbreviations and slang. Naughty, naughty slang.

We went to a mall theatre, that, oddly, smelled like a nursing home and saw “Mama Mia.” It was the gayest movie ever! In a good way.

Then we went to Border’s and Chad talked, several times, to a cute boy, presumably to get directions to our next destination. (An “of age” cute boy, of course).
“How do we get to Missouri Avenue?”
“It’s the street in front of the store.”

Later he had asked again, to clarify:
“How do we get to Missouri Avenue?”
“It’s the street in front of the store.”

We left Border’s and went on a scenic tour of downtown Jefferson City; 6:30 pm on a Monday night is not a bustling time in good old “Jeff City.” (As those “in the know” call it.)

We did find one restaurant open and sat outside, sipping wine and flirting conversing with the waiter, Vince.

At the end of the meal, Chad, as collected and confident as could be said, to Vince, “I’d like to give you my number.”

Wow. SS and I were impressed. He was so casual, assertive, without being overbearing.

We stopped to get gas on our way home, and I caught a bug! Just imagine-middle aged woman, baggy in hand, chasing a large, scooting bug, across a parking lot, while squealing. The other gas pumpers were amused. The one with a car engine possibly on fire, yelled “Eat it!” (Yes, while you are pumping gas hearing the words “Is it on fire?” coming from the car next to you is a bit troubling.)

The next day SS and I had to head home. We had decided to make a pit stop at a St. Louis Trader Joe’s on the way; Mapquest said it only added 14 minutes and a few of miles to our trip. Fourteen minutes turned into three hours, due to an infelicitously placed roadblock, an unfortunate detour through a crowded neighborhood, and a deplorable dearth of restaurants in the area of our destination. We finally found a Chinese restaurant, ate a forgettable meal, and made it to Trader Joe’s.

The rest of the ride to Washington was uneventful. I dropped SS off at home, and headed back to P’ville, passing through awful flashfloods in East Peoria and arriving home to “What’s for dinner?” from my daughter.

A highly successful trip, not only due to the giant cockroach, grasshopper, green shiny beetle thingy, and random smelly bug in my glove compartment, but because SS and I were able to spend a lot of time with our wonderful friend Chad.


2 Responses to “Belle, MO”

  1. Secret Server Says:

    I think only one of us drank “Boones Farm wine, a highly sophisticated ‘apple wine flavored beverage’”. I had a great time though. I would blog about it, but I need to read The Mysterious Benedict Society.

  2. Janet29 Says:

    Super. It took almost a day to find this info. Thanks, great job. 🙂

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