The saga continues….

At lunchtime today I just happened to stop by the neighbor lady’s house where Taylor was doing his football-auction induced labor, ostenibly to bring him a drink, really to check up on him.

“X.” had already sent him home for the day, after a few hours of weeding. He’s going back tomorrow to trim bushes.

While I was there I had an interesting conversation with “X.”

First she said, “Oh, ‘S.’ (who happens to be the village clerk) is outside mowing her lawn during her lunch break.” I expressed my amazement at “S’s” energy; “X,” countered with “Oh, but she had to; I saw her the other day and told her her lawn is looking bad; the village is going to send her a letter.”

Then she brought up the football player auction.
“My husband, ‘M,’ and I were at the fair and he saw our friend ‘R.’ and waved to her. The next thing we knew the auctioneer was telling him he had won Taylor. ‘M.’ told ‘R.’ ‘I’m never waving to you again!'”

She continued “Some of those boys went for a lot of money. One was auctioned off for $400, but we didn’t spend that much on your son.”

Well, thanks for letting me know that you didn’t really WANT to bid on my beloved son and that YOU DIDN”T PAY THAT MUCH FOR HIM!


8 Responses to “The saga continues….”

  1. Billy Dennis Says:

    Can you say “passive aggressive?”

  2. Rixblix Says:

    Wow. What a bitch.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Rix, yah, and I can just imagine S., the lawn mowing village clerk, sitting at the village hall typing out a letter to herself “Dear ‘S,’ you have 7 days to mow your lawn, or the village of P. will take action… blah, blah, blah”
    And they would likely make her send it certified mail to herself to prove that she got it!

  4. Maria Says:

    Neighbors like that would have me sneaking over to the her house in the wee hours and measuring her blades of grass, to the 1/10000 of an inch and gleefully reporting her.

  5. diane vespa Says:

    Maybe she has Tourettes Syndrome.

  6. Billy Dennis Says:

    @%&! yeah.

  7. Jaded Says:

    OMG! what a “See U Next Tuesday”

    Not just an annoying busybody neighbor…but a total annoyance in general.

    I think a well-timed bag of flaming poo on the front porch is totally in order here.

  8. postsimian Says:

    If I were you, I’d just handle it like a mature adult–after you take a dump on her doormat.

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