And punctuation, too.

I’ve written about my nephew F. before. He’s twelve, going into 7th grade, and the second child of my younger sister, M. He has a penchant for posting questions on Yahoo! Answers and they never fail to crack me up.

His most recent question:

“Am i sphyickec if it’s real?”

“for the last year iv’e been able to tell what show on tv will come on in the next couple of hours minutes or days. so am i sphyickec (i don’t know how to spell it right).it started after i hit my head on the concrete when i broke my wrist left if it matters and i’ve not told anyone. last week right before the phonerang i said it’s for you grandpa 2 seconds later it rang and it was rich for grandpa rich is his freind. theese pictures just appere in my head like i’m just outside and tehn all of a sudden the image apppere’s or like i just all of a suuden can tell what’s going to happen. one time while i was at micheals house he was playing atv offroad fury and i just blurred out he was going to crash and get hit with an atv and it happend. i think i;m about able to control thembut it’s hard and sometimes when these predictions happen i have a terrible migrane or headache. Like when i was watching the debate of hilary and obama and i had the strangest feeling like obama will win and then”

Additional Details:
“i felt sick and had threw up in the bathroom so ami i’m kinda scarred(afried)

i am at the age of 12”

Okay, wow. To sum it up (in case the poor punctuation and spelling threw you off.) My nephew, F., believes he’s psychic because he predicted that:
1. Certain tv shows would appear on TV (in the next minutes, hours or days.
2. The ringing phone at my dad’s house was for my dad,
3. Someone playing a video game would crash.
4. Obama would win a debate.

And that falling and breaking his (left) arm and bumping his head caused this new abilitiy.

My favorite response by a Yahoo! Answers answerer is:

“I think it’s so cool that you can predict what will happen in the future and you need to work on your spelling.”


13 Responses to “And punctuation, too.”

  1. katearch1978 Says:

    Standing ovation for Mr. Gump!

  2. mortonmalaise Says:

    Until I read a bit of the quote, I had no idea what word “sphyickec” was supposed to be. Wow.

  3. postsimian Says:

    I predict that in 10 minutes i will be leaving for lunch.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Unfortunately, when I read this, I predicted that Forest may flunk seventh grade English.

  5. postsimian Says:

    Welp, I’m not a sphyickec either. No lunch for Simi today.

  6. Rixblix Says:

    Wow. Can he pick lottery numbers for me?

  7. otherwise known as "k" Says:

    Maybe he just isn’t a very good at typing or he takes after his mom.

  8. jenjw4 Says:

    “K” hmm… it’s more likely that he takes after me, “M.” has always been a better writer than I am!

  9. otherwise known as "k" Says:

    She maybe a better writer but she was not good at spelling.

  10. Peoria Pundit » Media: Weekend Blog Peoria roundup Says:

    […] has a psychic relative: My nephew, F., believes he’s psychic because he predicted that: 1. Certain tv shows would appear […]

  11. Laura Says:

    I love a good story about your relatives.

  12. Jennifer Says:

    Um, “good,” I think is subjective…

  13. Random Tuesday Thoughts « Keep Passing the Open Windows Says:

    […] thirteen year old nephew frequently asks questions on Yahoo! Answers,  usually about his psychic abilities or video games.   Today […]

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