Father’s Day

On Father’s Day my dad was supposed to arrive at Chez Wood around 1:00 or 1:30 after dropping my nephew F. off at the train station in nearby Galesburg, IL.

Before his expected arrival I started the grill, made a couple of salads, prepared potatoes, garlic bread and chicken to be grilled, cut up onions and peppers to cook with brats, made dessert.

Almost immediately after putting the meat on the grill it started to pour. Lovely.

Meat, garlic bread and potatoes done. Jennifer dripping. Previously clean kitchen floor coated in tracked in grass. Everything ready, but no Dad.

I called him; F.’s train was delayed. ETA: 3:20. I wrapped everything up, stowed it in the refrigerator, not wanting to give the gift of “Upchuck and the Big D” for Father’s day.

Later I hauled everything back out, re-heated, and prepared the table. Dad was expected any minute. The phone rang.

My mom. Dad was helping Forest stow his luggage aboard the train and it “took off.” Hmmm… don’t they announce it before they depart? My dad was on his way to a town (Princeton) that is about an hour north. Shit.

Despite their looming divorce my mom offered to pick my dad up and take him back to his truck. Thank goodness. My friend Chad was in town-he lives in San Francisco-and, in our typical mid-30’s (hell, we are boring!) fashion we had plans to eat out with MarySue and maybe get coffee. (Bars are too loud. We don’t want to drink and drive, etc… all good reasons to avoid bar hopping, but further evidence that we are OLD.)

I feel bad for my dad, though, spending Father’s Day waiting for a train, riding on a train, waiting for a ride home from the mistaken train ride and missing out on Father’s Day dinner (and Father’s Day beer).

Plus, my sister M., the mother of F., did not attend last weekend. Despite the fact that she lives with him, M. did not feel compelled to attend our Father’s Day gathering as it involved getting up before 2 pm.

Next weekend F. comes back, so we are postponing Father’s Day until then and hoping his train will be timely. And someone else will be helping F. with his luggage!


4 Responses to “Father’s Day”

  1. Secret Server Says:

    It was nice of you to prepare such a feast. And you are such a good cook. Maybe next week, M will come too.

    Getting old? Speak for yourself! You used to say bars were too smoky, but now they are too loud? Maybe you just had too much alcohol earlier in the week? Just kidding. I love you. I know I am getting old. I’m impressed you had energy to come to dinner even after all that cooking.

  2. Michael Says:

    What a small world it truly is … my wife and I were on the Amtrak train your Dad got stuck on! We heard the train car attendant announce there was an “extra” person aboard who had no ticket and the conductor reply that it was too late to stop the train! We both mentioned this incident was still another reason we won’t be riding Amtrak … they don’t announce ANYTHING! Sorry to hear it caused so much trouble for you! We were FOUR HOURS LATE getting into Chicago!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Oh my gosh, that is so weird! I thought they must have announced it and maybe my dad didn’t hear it… (He does have his tv on awfully loud) but thought Forest, at 12, should have heard it.
    And four hours late? How long does it even take the train to get to Chicago? That seems really late!

  4. Michael Says:

    We got on the train in Flagstaff, Arizona and it was already running 45 minutes late. The delays were caused by the flooding in Iowa. We weren’t as upset about the delay as we were in them not telling us there would be a delay. They acted as if it was all a surprise to them but we later found out the train had been delayed every day the week prior. We could have made better connecting arrangements in Chicago had they told us, but they just let us hang. Just like not making the announcement the train was leaving and kidnapping your father the way they did. Amtrak sucks. It was my first and last trip with them.

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