Breaking the ice.

My work is holding a training session today and our employees from around the state arrived in scenic Princeville this afternoon.

As always, I was in charge of finding an ice breaker. I’m the queen of ice breakers and am definitely going to put it on my next resume. (Experienced in brief introductions and silly games?)

My online research yielded some fine choices:

“Balloon Bop”
A balloon is kept in the air, as well as calling out someone’s name, also call out a body part which that person has to use to keep the balloon in the air until he/she calls another person’s name and body part.

I resisted the opportunity to yell “Maria, BOOBS!”

Dignified, I know.

“The Magic Lamp”
You and your team have just found a lamp. You rub it, and surprise! A genie appears. The genie grants you three wishes. You are allowed to make three changes at work. You may change yourself, your boss, your job, the people around you, etc.

Really? Is that a good idea for a workplace ice breaker. “Hi, I’m Jennifer, if I could change three things about my office, I would make my boss not a dick, I would wish that Howard would brush and floss, and I really wish that I was a teacher rather than a dumbass database administrator.

Okay, I’m sure that game would not do wonders for my career. (BTW, that was totally hypothetical; I love my boss, there is no “Howard” and databases, well, they are FABULOUS – Hee, hee, now I’m playing last years ice breaker, two truths and a lie.)

Ultimately I chose “Me, too;” a game in which everyone was given a bundle of ten straws, and had to make a statement such as “I have climbed a mountain.” Everyone else that has also done the activity throws a straw in, too. The first one out of straws wins.

One of my co-workers has eaten iguana.

Three have climbed a mountain.

Several have graduated from college, locked themselves out of the house and a surprising number have accidentally killed a pet.

Nenna, our newest employee has also “fought with her last boss…”

Hmm… maybe not what I would have lead with during the ice breaker at my first meeting with a new boss.


3 Responses to “Breaking the ice.”

  1. HollowSquirrel Says:

    I always clam up in these games and can’t think of a g.d. thing. Nenna, however, will be making a short stay at your office. Dumb move, chicarita. Um…how did the accidental peticides occur?

  2. postsimian Says:

    yeesh, I was just asked to give a critique of my old boss as a part of my yearly review. They asked me to be candid and honest… and didn’t ask for the G-Rated Reader’s Digest version.

    Haha, you know how I am.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I wonder if they meant it or if it was in the “Don’t buy me a gift” vein of “tell us what you think.”

    In my case of pet extermination I put my kids’ beta fish in too cold water. Almost immediately after thinking “Don’t put the fish in the water yet, it’s too cold” I somehow managed to do it in auto-pilot. Luckily they were at preschool at the time, so I pulled the old pet switcheroo and they never found out!

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