Dear Taylor,

You graduate from 8th grade today, an accomplishment you seem to be taking in stride.

“Mom! It’s ONLY 8th grade promotion” was your exasperated plea when I ruled out basketball shorts, a white t-shirt and high-top tennis shoes for your graduation ensemble.

I’ve written about some of the less sterling parts of your middle school years. However, similar to the awful scent of a full diaper, the sleepless nights, and the seemingly endless trips around the living room while doing a jiggling, elephantine walk to stop the damn wailing- times that were trying- now seem like inconsequential parts of those wonderful baby years; I’m sure the memories of the eye rolling, the back talk, and the generally poopy attitude will fade and I will remember your stellar qualities. (Well, let’s hope so!)

You have opinions. You read the newspaper and pay attention to the news. We can discuss “real” issues, which I whole-heartedly enjoy.

You are intelligent, reading books at a rapid pace and pick up on math and science concepts easily, something your peers notice and envy. You kill me at Scrabble, something I should have predicted when you started beating me at checkers in the 1st grade.

Most important, you are kind and affectionate. At fourteen, you seem to view that as a weakness, but it’s not, and will serve you well in the future.

Taylor, I am looking forward to the next four years, full of school, football, chess, girls, driving, (okay, I’m not so much those last two) and family. While I mourn your greater independence, I will also relish each triumph and I am confident that you will grow to be a wonderful young man.

I love you, my little Tay-ly and I’m so proud of you.


2 Responses to “Dear Taylor,”

  1. Ramble On Says:

    You left me with tears in my eyes! Amazing how the difficult times fade as we recognize what miracles our kids are.

  2. Secret Server Says:

    Awww, me too. I am so glad we have shared the experience of our kids growing up together. I love you and your family and you make me a better mom. My letter would say, Dear Taylor, I remeber when you rolled down the stairs and when you would bite Eli every day. You have become such a smart , caring, and funny young man. And you have the best mom EVER.

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