Hair and food (such an appealing combo!)

Yesterday I had to take Taylor to the dentist for a follow up visit (cavity!). After signing him back in at the school, one of his teachers came up to me and said:

“What happened to Taylor’s hair?”

And she said it in the same concerned and bewildered tone one might use when asking someone about a broken arm or a black eye!

I wanted to laugh, but I was sympathetic; I’m well known for putting my foot in my mouth. For example, earlier this week my co-worker’s adult son emailed her and said he was making enchiladas for the first time and might be calling her later for advice.

I responded, “That’s so nice, kids always have fond memories of their mother’s cooking, even if the mom doesn’t cook well.”


One Response to “Hair and food (such an appealing combo!)”

  1. Billy Dennis Says:

    Good post.

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