Drug addicts doctor shop, looking for pain meds. My daughter church shops, not looking for God, but for fun activities. Bowling? A lock-in? She’s there. Bible Study? Not so much.

She goes to the youth group at two local churches, Methodist and Presbyterian. Despite my atheistic ways, I’ve always figured, “no harm, no foul,” assuming she’s young and will find her way.

Until now.

This past Sunday Reagan went with the Presbyterian Church youth group to a movie. Before we left for Taylor’s games I asked “What movie?” But she didn’t know. Lax Relaxed parent that I am, I figured, “it’s a church thing, I’m sure they won’t see anything rated worse than pg-13.”

And they didn’t, but worse then viewing a teen sex comedy or slasher flick; they saw “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.”

Shit. Anti-evolution propaganda.

When will people realize that evolution is not a liberal vs. conservative issue?

That someone can believe in evolution and still believe in a God?

That “scientist” is a job description that does not equate to “atheist?”

Evolution and a creator are not mutually exclusive-unless you believe in a strict intrepretation of the Old Testament (Interpreting the “Earth created in seven days” jazz as a literal 168 hours), in which case I hope you aren’t eating shrimp or wearing clothes of mixed fibers.

I asked Reagan about the movie and she said “It was REALLY BORING! I slept through half of it and so did Venus.”

When I questioned the topic she shrugged and said “You know that religion, the one named after a guy and it ends with ‘-ism?'”



We made a few other guesses, before clues led to “Darwinism.”

“Well, they compared ‘Darwinism’ to Hitler.”

Wow… that’s the main point my daughter took away from the movie? (The half she didn’t sleep through!)

First, how grotesque, to take a world tragedy and use it to further a political agenda.

Second, it’s patently false. Equating natural selection to the willful extermination of people by Hitler is CUH-RAZY. It’s a false argument, because even IF (is there any evidence of this?) Hitler was a HUGE fan of evolution, would that mean that the theory evolution is erroneous?

A madman perverting science for his own use does not make scientific findings untrue.

And it’s pretty sickening that the movie felt compelled to use such an intellectually weak, but emotionally forceful argument.

I’m glad my daughter is smart; she’s analytical; basically, she’s pretty hard to bullshit, but how many of the other kids that saw this movie believed it?

I am disappointed in myself, for not quizzing Reagan more rigorously about the youth group plans. I’m also disappointed in the church, because regardless of the church’s views regarding evolution, I can’t believe they took them to see such revolting tripe.

If you wish to read more about the movie:
wiki post
the movie’s website


5 Responses to “Expelled”

  1. Rixblix Says:

    Wow. I just read your blog to Mr. Rix. We are both speechless. We’ve got to get together during college for kids. My oldest used to hang out with a boy whose parents were “hard core” Christians. He came home after a sleepover and wondered why the dad read the bible while watching Ultimate Fighting Championship.

  2. Michael Says:

    Unfortunately this is just one of a large number of topics that the Right has twisted, misconstrued or outright lied about. Whether it’s global warming, fossil fuels, politics or religion … they can be counted on to use ANY means to convince and they don’t balk at corrupting children.

  3. jenjw4 Says:

    OMG, that is hysterical! We haven’t registered yet for college for kids. My daughter is still looking over the booklet, trying to decide if there’s classes she wants to take. I think if she does go, it will likely be during the second session, the first is right around the time of her sun foundation camp and basketball camp.

    I agree, and I guess I’m naive, because I was shocked that the Presbyterian Church would be so conservative. I guess I had the wrong impression and thought they were more liberal…

  4. postsimian Says:

    Presbyterianism is very fundamentalist in North America, namely the United States. Usually. Methodists, on the other hand.. well, so far I’ve never met a Methodist I didn’t like. Maybe it’s because they’re sane.

    I wouldn’t complain to the church. That’s like telling a dog not to lick its butt. Instead, I’d encourage your daughter to hang out with the Meth-heads* more often.

    * as far as I know, Methodists have never referred to themselves as “Meth-heads,” but it’d be funny if they did. Too bad “Presbyterian” doesn’t sound more like “crack” or “glue-sniffing” or “LSD.” Then we could make a nickname that sticks.

  5. jenjw4 Says:

    Gosh, I feel like an idiot. I guess I was lumping Presbyterians in with the Lutherans, thinking they tend to be stuffy white folk but not as foolish as the Baptists! I guess I’ve got my own taxonomy of religions that’s based, I fear, more on impressions than fact.
    And, now that you mention it, I’ve never met a Methodist I didn’t like either. My kids went to preschool at a Methodist Church and they were really cool. No memorizing bible verses, no prayers before meals, the only religious related thing they did was the story of Bethleham (sp?) at Christmas.
    I’m not planning on complaining to the church. I really feel like this is my own fault for not investigating further… I guess if it ends up being my worst parenting snaffoo, then that’s not so bad!

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