“Hiding the crazy (barely).”

Forever Awhile ago I was challenged by Lolly to write a six (or less) word autobiography.

I’ve been struggling with this; mainly because every description I come up with isn’t really about ME, but about my role in other people’s lives.


“Ruining our lives, warping our minds”


“Too much naggin’, not enough lovin'”


“Loyal, chatty, ready for adventure”


“Scheduler, hostess, eldest”


“Bossy buttinsky”




“Slow bleeder, great baker”

It leaves me questioning, “Who am I?” and how can I not answer this at the age of thirty-six?

Now to the fun part; I’m passing on the six word bio challange to:

Secret Server
Names Have Been Changed
Notes From the Trailorhood
Pointlessly Hypertechnical
The Legel Report
Miss Nomer’s Musings
Morton Malaise
(I won’t hold it against you if you bail!)


5 Responses to ““Hiding the crazy (barely).””

  1. Morton Malaise » 6 words or less... Says:

    […] wonderful Jen has challenged me to write an autobiography in 6 words or less. A few things come immediately to […]

  2. Sue Says:

    Whew! you didn’t pick me!

  3. Michael Says:

    The Legel Report Meets The Challenge

  4. Grandma's Attic Says:

    I’m with Sue…glad you only picked 6 and none of them were me!

  5. Secret Server Says:

    What a good post. I like your volunteer description. It is so weird how I also think of myself in terms of my roles in other people’s lives. I’ll try to do the six word autobio, but I’m not passing it on to six more people (1.hater 2.of 3.chain 4.letter 5.type 6.thingies)

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