Deal or NO DEAL? part 2

The auditions were in Forsyth, IL, on Tuesday, April 1st.

The Friday before there was mention of the auditions on the local news. The anchor said the mall was expecting people to start camping out in their parking lot the next day.

Camping out in a mall parking lot for three nights just to be at the front of the line? Apparently there are people that are way crazier than SS or me!

We left Washington at the butt crack of dawn around 9:00 am, and, after stopping for breakfast, arrived in Forsyth shortly before 11 am.

The line was HUGE. It began at one end of the mall, snaked through it, out an exit and half way around the building. We parked, grabbed our stuff, and found a spot at the end of the line.


SS had purchased a huge purse to bring in a bottle of champaign and a saber. Yes, you read that right, liquor and a large knife, to the mall for the audition.


But there was meaning behind this seeming madness. At her work she “sabers” champaign bottles; she was planning on mentioning this during her audition and that she’d love to teach Howie to do it.

Our line-mates were very nice. Sebastion and Vanessa were in line directly behind us; two very quiet guys were in line in front of us. One was holding two folding chairs. The WHOLE TIME. He never sat on either one or offered one to his friend. Just lugged them around, for OVER six hours!

We waited and waited and waited. And waited. And waited. For about three hours outside and three inside. Outside it was cold. Inside it was hot.

Our only entertainment was a local news anchor, carrying a silver “Deal or No Deal” case; if approached and you made the deal you might get sent to the front of the line or to the back. Alas, we weren’t picked to open a case.

The line ended in at a courtyard area in front of Bergners where we were lead (like mice, I daresay?) through a maze-like line to a room where the auditions were held.

A production assistant made frequent announcements “No alchohol, no stripping, no profanity. Keep your spiel to 20 seconds. When told to leave, LEAVE.” Shit, SS’s sore shoulders from carrying the large yellow bag were all for naught for no champaign would be sabered. (We now have a new code “Yellow Bag” refers to anyone/anything that is useless and a pain in the shoulders ass!)

Reaching the front of the line, we were brought into the room in groups of ten to a table, where a producer waited. SS was at the front of the line. She did a great job during her 20 seconds. I followed and did okay. But the people after us-they broke the rules! They ALL went over 20 seconds!!! Cheaters.

They asked Vanessa (our line-mate) to stay for a second interview. She is a housecleaner at a nursing home and uses her church choir singing skills to entertain the residents. I really hope she gets to be on the show.

A teacher in the group, who plays “Deal or No Deal” with her students to learn fractions and percentages was asked to stay.

SS and I left the audition, called our families and broke the bad news.

It was disappointing, I had already planned how I was going to spend the million.

But it wasn’t a wasted day. I did get to spend a whole day with my bff, which is a rare event. (Now, if I was a good person I would say that was worth more than a million dollars! However, I’m a person with a mortgage and two kids entering college in a few years.)


3 Responses to “Deal or NO DEAL? part 2”

  1. nomer aka cd Says:

    I can’t believe all that to audition.
    I guess a part of me wants to believe that they just sorta choose contestants randomly…

  2. Secret Server Says:

    Umm, yeah, Nomer, that’s probably it! Also, they told us that it doesn’t mean anything if you were asked to stay or told to LEAVE. That in fact, the biggest winner on the show to date, was told to leave after her 20 seconds, and later they called her back and she got on the show. So there’s still hope. Or maybe they just say that to appease any crazy people (with knives in their bags) who would be reluctant to leave.

  3. april Says:

    Has anyone that you know of received a callback? My husband went, and was asked to stay for second interview, and then after 10 seconds was asked to stay, and then was asked a few more questions and then that was as far as he could go that day. I was wondering if anyone has been called back to play a mock game?

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