I’m a liar.

Sorry, no “Part 2” “Deal or No Deal” post today. Super busy… parent-teacher conferences, etc.

But one piece of advice, if realize that you accidentally bought toothpaste with the flavor “Tropical Paradise,” don’t try it. The bright purple color and sparkly nature are freakish and…

It tastes EXACTLY like purple Kool-Aid mixed with mint.


8 Responses to “I’m a liar.”

  1. otherwise known as "k" Says:

    NIce one, Jen

  2. katearch1978 Says:


  3. Sue Says:

    Huh? I like tropical purple kool-aid & mint…I think~

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Actually I lied twice-I’m home now and the flavor is called “Tropical Fresh”

    It’s indescribably bad. Now I’m debating, suffer through the whole tube? Or pitch a whole tube of toothpaste.

  5. Michael Says:

    Pitch It! Life is too short too suffer bad toothpaste. Besides you will slowly begin to brush your teeth less often and they will fall out all because of bad tasting paste. Cast it aside!

  6. otherwise known as "k" Says:

    Give it to our dad, he will use it. lol

  7. Jimi Says:

    Blahhhh! Your sibling is probably right!! Better yet, don’t subject him to the cruel and unusual punishment of “Tropical Fresh.”

  8. nomer Says:

    good luck. and thanks for the warning on the toothpaste!

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