She’s baking cookies.

My daughter just called and asked “unsalted butter or salted?”

I’m so proud.

(Not that she’s baking-she’s been able to follow a recipe for years, but that she knows about salted and unsalted butter and that the use of one vs. the other could make a difference in her final product.)

Alternate title: Yes, I’m a big, fat, baking geek….


6 Responses to “She’s baking cookies.”

  1. jadedgirl Says:

    LOL…Last line made me spit-take…


    Thanks I needed a laugh on this cold dreary day!


  2. HollowSquirrel Says:

    i’m 35 and still call mymom with that question!

  3. jenjw4 Says:

    The general rule I follow is to use “regular butter” (salted) for all recipes that don’t specify “unsalted.”

    Oh, and the cookies were fabulous. She did a really great job.

  4. jenjw4 Says:

    Oh, and you wouldn’t believe it, but my husband has made popcorn and put unsalted butter on it, not once, but twice and then been like “Huh? this doesn’t taste right.” I’ve taken to HIDING the unsalted butter, which doesn’t sound nearly has dirty has hiding the salami…

  5. otherwise known as "k" Says:

    Um, jenjw4, shouldn’t has be as instead in your last comment.

  6. jenjw4 Says:

    You’re right, sorry about the typo!

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