“Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life.” ~Charles M. Schulz

At Easter I (finally) met my sister K.’s boyfriend. I introduced him to my dad and said “This is K.’s buh buh… friend” Stumbling over the “boy” part, unsure if they are “official.”

Do thirty year olds call their significant other “boyfriend/girlfriend?” It sounds very high school to me.

My other sister, M., may or may not have had breast implants. No one knows. No one is willing to ask. I tried to get a profile shot so that I could show my friends and we could “evaluate” the situation.

Is it possible to go from an “A” to a “C” via non-surgical methods?

I don’t think so.

On the other hand, can someone with three kids, no hubby and a part-time job (not stripping) afford breast implants?

I don’t think so.

See, it’s a mystery! And I’m apparently not a Velma-quality investigator.

I was expounding upon this to my husband and he said, in voice dripping with “duh” overtones; “Oh, yeah, she had those LAST time she was here.” My response? “Umm… you were looking?”

So the “do they look bigger?” part is solved but the method of said inflation is not. Too bad Billy wasn’t on the Easter invite list.


13 Responses to ““Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life.” ~Charles M. Schulz”

  1. Rixblix Says:

    Too bad your kids are too old to make some ‘innocent’ remark about Aunties ta-tas!

  2. Michael Legel Says:

    Since marriage seems to be in the decline it gets harder doesn’t it. Fiance turns into a huge blunder most of the time. Boy / Girl does seem inappropriate after about 18 years old. Significant Other is a bit cold. So … I go with Seeing Each Other which sounds like saying they aren’t blind. I also try to pay attention to how they were introduced to me … and do the same. But that’s hard to do while also trying to remember the name! (Sorry, I’m old). I’m not touching the breast question. (Pun intended 🙂

  3. Jeep2000 Says:

    StfRon and I dated for seven years before getting married. I hated referring to him as the “boyfriend” because yes, it does sound so juvenile. In conversation when he wasn’t there, I did revert to calling him my boyfriend, but any time I introduced him to someone, I said “this is StfRon” and left it at that.

    Maybe your sister visited a bra expert. I was a skeptic about all the bra hoopla, but I four women I know went for a professional fitting, and each were told they were wearing either one or two cups too small. Once you get the “girls” up where they should be, the appearance difference can be surprising.
    But then again, maybe she got the implants….

  4. kelly Says:

    I call him my boyfriend, just because that is what he is. I could call him the guy I random have sex with but I thought that would be inappropriate for a family function.
    And our sis, M who knows about that about but maybe her friend who drove her. I think she had it done in Champaign which there is a place there that does tubal litigation.
    Your sister K

  5. BeanCounter Says:

    You can finance them. Pay the $500 anesthesiology fee up front and make monthly payments on the balance, and if you don’t pay I don’t think they repo them.

  6. jenjw4 Says:

    Wow BC, you are knowlegdeable! Don’t worry, I won’t ask… (obviously).

    Kelly-you are funny! I guess I could have left you in as “Kelly” rather than “K.” since you just outed yourself!

  7. East Bluff Barbie Says:

    She could be wearing the stick on boob pads that “look and feel” like the real thing. You are supposed to be able to wear them without a bra and no one will know they aren’t yours.

  8. Ramble On Says:

    Didn’t the used to have a blow-up bra?
    My daughter is 28 and I refer the POSSLQ as “her significant other”. Thank goodness there is not need to call him “her baby’s Daddy”. If they were not living together, I might say “boy friend” instead. Really liked the acronym POSSLQ (People of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters) when the census came out with it.

  9. BeanCounter Says:

    Hey I only know becasue of a friend! Mine are real, I have the matching gut to prove it. I think this has just nixed me ever coming to a blogger bash 🙂

  10. jadedgirl Says:

    I call my guy a “boyfriend” I guess since we have been together for almost a year it seems weird saying just: “seeing each other” Seeing each other always seems too casual to me, like it is someone you just started dating. And since it seems that I will never be an official “fiance” I guess boyfriend will have to do and I gotta take what I can get. ;o)

    Hugs… :o)

  11. otherwise known as "k" Says:

    Am I supposed to come with a clever pseudonym? I can’t even get my kids name correct half the time.

  12. Sue Says:

    Perhaps your sister is a late bloomer…Mine increased after menopause!

    I used to introduce my significant other when we were dating just by his name…I think everyone knew he was my main squeeze 🙂

  13. jenjw4 Says:

    Hmmm… the stick-on’s are a possibility, but would you “waste” them on a family gathering?

    BC-Oh, you have to come to the next blogger bash! Or to the PeoriaSpeaks forum meet-up on Sunday. We won’t ogle your assets, we promise!

    M. is super skinny (around a 100 pounds), too, so a weight gain isn’t the explanation… and she’s 32, so I’m hoping it’s not menopause!

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